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Israeli manufacturers fighting front of package labeling

Misrad HaBriut has brought a new law to the Knesset for approval mandating front of package nutritional labeling.  They say that when consumers are given nutritional information “in their face”, they are more likely to make healthier choices.  They are also asking food manufacturers to support the health claims that are put on the front of the package.  “Low salt”, for example, could be 10% less or 60% less.

Manufacturers claim that there is no other country in the developed world that mandates front of package labeling.  Changing labels is a difficult process as well (so they say) and therefore they will have to increase prices.

What do you think?  Do you read nutrition labels?  if not, would you be more likely to read them if they were on the front of the package?

Would something like this be helpful in making correct diet choices?




More reports of animal abuse- this time at Zoglobek

Kolbotek, the Israel expose show, showed a hidden video this week showing incidents of serious abuse of the animals coming for slaughter.  To watch the video, click here.

Since the airing of the video, the Knesset has discussed “the Zoglobek issue.”

The Rabbinic Council will meet on Monday to discuss the removal of Zoglobek’s kashrut certification.  The Rav HaRashi, HaRav David Lau, stated: “In addition to the personally difficult issues when watching the video, there are also considerable halachic issues.  We are talking about dying or unhealthy animals brought to shechita.  According to the Torah, it is forbidden to slaughter animals in that condition.  We are commanded by the Torah to shecht animals only in a fashion that prevents abuse.” (source)

In response to the question as to how the shochtim could allow this to happen, has said that whoever sees animal abuse is required by halacha to report it to the authorities.

Misrad HaChaklaut is responsible both for the veterinary supervision of the slaughterhouse and the prevention of animal abuse.  They have promised to investigate.  However, some are saying it is too little, too late, as in Adom Adom.  Dr Moshe Rafaelovich, the head of the Organization of City Veterinarians, is calling for the supervisory authority of Misrad HaChaklaut on animal welfare to be moved to another ministry who will appropriate the task as its mission. (source)

In the social media outlets there is a call to boycott Zoglobek’s products.  Zoglobek also runs the risk of losing its export license to the European Union, since the EU law states that any imported product must hold to the same animal welfare standards as the EU (source).

It isn’t such a party any more…

RECALL: Shamir Salads!

A routine test performed at the Salatei Shamir factory found the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in three salads:

  1. Egg salad, 250 grams, expiration date 7 Nov 2013
  2. Avocado salad with eggs, 250 grams, expiration date 20 Nov 2013
  3. Roasted eggplant salad with tehina, expiration date 31 Oct 2013

Listeria has the highest high fatality rate for a foodborne disease, especially in people with compromised immune systems and the elderly.  It also causes abortions in pregnant women.

The public is asked not to consume these products and to return them to the store for a refund.


Salatei Shamir has had four other recalls recently:   January 1, 7 and 16 2013 (Listeria monocytogenes), Feb 6, 2012 (Escherichia coli).

Class action suit- canned tuna is too flaky

Canned tuna is once again in the news:

A class action suit was filed last week against local tuna manufacturers for using more tuna flakes than the 10% per 5 grams which is allowed by law.  Laboratories tested products and found over 10% of flakes in tuna marked “chunks” – netachim.  According to the plaintiffs, tuna flakes are of a much lower quality than tuna chunks.

Source: Nana

Check out the other canned tuna post here.

The Cofix effect- Aroma lowers coffee prices (but not their deals)

After the grand opening of Cofix and its 5 shekel deals, other shops are starting to feel pressure to lower prices. Aroma announced that they are lowering the price of their small cafe hafuch from 11 shekels to 8 shekels and their large drops from 13 shekels to 12.  The price of the “cafe v’ma’afa” will stay the same, however, at 19 shekels.

The Aroma at the airport and Hatzeva will be selling their small coffee for 10 shekels, according to the mancal, because they have higher expenditures than the other stores.

The second Cofix has just opened on 47 King George Street in Tel Aviv.

Source: Ynet

Update from the Rabbanut- Cheshvan 5764

  • Turkey testicles can be found on the market kashered and not kashered.  Please make sure you know which product you purchased.
  • Sufganiyot are on the market and the rabbanut reminds everyone who manufactures dairy donuts that the filling must be visible on the outside of the donut and that a sign should be placed stating that they are dairy.  They also remind people not to make dairy dough. [Thank goodness they aren’t making dairy donuts different shapes like borekas!]
  • Cristal soda- with and without hechsher.  Make sure there is a kashrut symbol on your Cristal cans of soda- they have a line that produces soda without certification.


  • Another product found without certification: Mei Eden.  Check your bottles and make sure the one you buy does have hashgacha.  No explanation was given.


  • The Rabbanut reminds people that Cava is made from grapes and is not a liquor.


  • Kimat Chinam in Nazareth was found to have treif meat next to chicken with a sign “kashered chicken.”  The store does not have kashrut supervision and the public is warned from shopping there.
  • Fake kashrut symbol: Shaar Yerushalayim olive oil


  • Japanika Ashdod advertises on their web site that “all products are kosher.”  The store is not under kashrut supervision and is open on Shabbat.

  • Alberto de Leone meat products are no longer under kashrut supervision.


  • First Club Eilat is again under kashrut supervision.

  • Gorilla Bar on Sokolov Street in Herzliya no longer has kashrut supervision.

Restaurants that falsely claim to be kosher:

  • HaChoma HaSinit, 26 Mikve Yisrael Street, Tel Aviv
  • Toscana, between Binyamina and Zichron Yaakov
  • Eliran Metukim, 107 Ben Gurion Street, Ramat Gan
  • Park Etgarim, Tayelet Nachal Lachish, Ashdod
  • Adom Yarok, 14 Hacharoshet, Kfar Saba
  • Pizza Master, 42 Six Days Street, Kfar Saba

Businesses that lost their kashrut certification:

  • Event hall Shirat HaBaron, Carmi Industrial Area, Binyamina
  • Restaurant X44, 10/1 HaPalmach Street, Carmiel
  • Duty Free, Tzomet Shilat (at the request of the owners)
  • Yogurt, 52 Bialik Street, Ramat Gan
  • HaShamen, Paz gas station at Rupin-Emek Hefer intersection
  • Baygah bakery, Shmuel Rozorov Street, Checkpost, Haifa


Tivall veggie ground beef is back on the market!

For those of you who were wondering when it was coming back on the market- the time is now!

In case you didn’t know, the soy that is used to make these products was taken off the market after Salmonella was discovered in the factory, CHS.  CHS stopped producing all soy products until their factory was deemed Salmonella free. To read more about the recall, click here.  The product was not sold directly to consumers, but was exported to the US, where there was a recall in a product containing soy from that manufacturer.  See the FDA report here.

RECALL- Irena brand kreplach “Ukrainski”

As part of its regular testing, Misrad HaBriut found the presence of Salmonella bacteria in “Ukrainski” kreplach (meat-filled dough), manufactured 2 Oct 2013 and sold in 800 gram packages.

Salmonella can cause serious illness but is destroyed when the product is fully cooked.

As a precautionary measure, Misrad HaBriut is advising consumers not to eat this product and return it to the store where it was purchased.


Irena was the subject of another recall in February because of Salmonella- that time in stuffed cabbage.

Compare Israel’s reaction to the FDA regarding the latest Salmonella recall:

“While it is not unusual for raw poultry from any producer to have Salmonella bacteria, it is uncommon to have multidrug-resistant Salmonella bacteria. CDC and USDA-FSIS recommend consumers and retailers follow these food safety tips to prevent Salmonella infection from raw poultry produced by Foster Farms or any other brand…” – CDC web site

In other words- no recall.

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