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A coupon for dads who do laundry- expires 22 Feb 2015

Ariel laundry detergent (Proctor & Gamble) is trying to encourage dads to do the laundry with a coupon for free Ariel laundry capsules.  All you have to do is post on your Facebook page (not theirs) that you will do the laundry from now on, and you get the coupon emailed to you.  Click on this link and then click on the blue section on the page.  It will post to your FB page and then ask for your email address to send the coupon. If you don’t have a Facebook account, make a dummy one and use it just for times like this.


Pizza Hut pizza + topping for 25 shekels- expires 28 Feb 2015

Leumi Card has a great deal for Yom HaMishpacha- a family-sized Pizza Hut pizza plus one topping for only 25 shekels!  You can make it larger for another 10 shekels or add a second topping for another 5 shekels.  The offer expires 28 February so don’t delay.  You need to use one pinuk point to get this deal.  Go to the Leumi Card website to order.

Starkist 1+1 coupon- expires 28 Feb 2015

קופון טונה סטארקיסט

Huge Purim costume sale 26-28 Feb 2015

Frenzy Fun and Toys in Herzliya and MUM have joined to have a crazy costume sale- 49.90 shekels on every costume in the store and 30% off all accessories!  For more information use the contact info at the bottom of the ad.

For more information on frugal costume shopping, go to my previous post here.  You can get the latest Toys ‘R Us coupon here as well:

COST supermarket sales- expire 28 Feb 2015

A little while ago I posted about a new supermarket chain called COST, which supposedly sells items at cost.  Here are the sales for the rest of the month- what do you think?  The only items that got my attention were Tivall corn shnitzel for 18.90 shekels and a 1 litre carton of milk for 4.80 shekels.  There is no maximum purchase or other conditions which is something to consider as well.  If it wasn’t right before Pesach, I would run over and get a large supply of shnitzel.

Around the world: frozen cauliflower


I wasn’t sure if I should post this one or not because either I haven’t had enough sleep or Yisrael HaYom has trouble with math.  Today’s comparison is for 800 grams of frozen cauliflower.  The prices are:

  1. US- 800 grams- 0.97 dollars=5.80 shekels
  2. England- 800 grams- 2.82 pounds=10.96 shekels
  3. Israel- 800 grams- 24.10 shekels

Those prices seem pretty outrageous, but then the article continues to say something different:

  1. US- 567 grams- 2 dollars
  2. Britain- 900 grams- 1.1 pounds

So which is it? Why would 900 grams be 1.1 pounds and 800 grams be 2.82 pounds???  Obviously, the comparisons with Israel are much less exciting with the second set of numbers.

The mathematics get even more complicated, however, when Yisrael HaYom states that the price in Israel is 2.19 times higher than the price in the US and 4.1 times higher than the British price.  That isn’t valid for the original set of numbers but only for the second (barely).   Yellow journalism? Sleep deprivation?  You decide.


Around the world: whole wheat pita

This one was quite surprising.  Not only is the price in the US much higher than anywhere else, but the size of the packages makes the difference even more exaggerated- 396.9 grams in the US and 510 grams in England.  Any thoughts?


Good news for vegans!

Tivall has just introduced a new symbol on their packages to help distinguish which products are vegan and which products are vegetarian.  Look for the Vegan Friendly symbol on the package to know what to buy.  Last year Tivall was sued in court because they say that their products are vegetarian (“מין הצומח”) but some have eggs in them.  Although the eggs were clearly labeled in the ingredients, eggs cannot be qualified as “from vegetables”.  This is Tivall’s response to the legislation.

Around the world: Hershey’s Cookies and Cream

Although some people are happy just to see Hershey’s in Israel, others are complaining about the price- 4.90 shekels compared to 4.13 shekels in the UK.  Why the discrepancy?  The importer says that the price difference is because of import taxes, special charges for kosher products, and the price of applying the Hebrew sticker.  SOunds reasonable to me.


Toys ‘R Us and Accessorize deal- expires 28 Feb 2015

Shop at Toys ‘R Us and get 50 shekels to spend at Accessorize.  On the voucher it says that you have to spend 150 shekels or more in the children’s section but it doesn’t say which store (Toys ‘R Us or Accessorize).  You must present this voucher. One voucher per customer.


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