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מינים פולשים במזוודה

Source: מינים פולשים במזוודה

Around the world: Frozen peas and carrots

I was happy to see that this time they mentioned that they compared name brands and not generics.   


Around the world: Sweet paprika (packaged)


Around the world: White beans

The survey doesn’t say if the beans are packaged or in bulk- something that will greatly affect the price.  

Around the world: Turmeric (packaged)


Around the world: Ground cumin (packaged)


Around the world: Cocoa powder

 This comparison is hard to accept. There is a vast difference in the quality of cocoa powder in Israel.  Most of them, although cheap, taste more like dust than cocoa. I would have liked to see which brands they compared including whether it was Dutch cocoa or regular.  

Around the world: Panko bread crumbs 


Around the world: Soda Stream syrup


Around the world: Curry powder (packaged)


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