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Chocolate for a bitter price

Hershey’s, Elite, Cadbury- everyone has their favorite. Lindt Excellence is world renowned for its excellent taste as well.

Since Lindt is manufactured in Switzerland, the US and England, being importers of this chocolate as well, should also pay a premium price. Despite that, Israelis pay 15.30 shekels a bar, while Americans pay 8.90 shekels and the English pay 10.60 shekels.

Why such a difference in price? The Israeli importer responds: “The price difference is primarily due to the costs to import it under refrigeration as well as the cost to market it locally.”



Thursday only- vegetable sale at Shufersal

Get tomato, cucumbers, white cabbage, and loose oranges for only 1.99/kg at Shufersal Deal through tomorrow, October 27, 2011.  Limit 3kg per purchase.

Check the other sale items here (pp.12-13).

Taster’s Choice coupon at Rami Levy

Click here (p11) to get a coupon for a 200 gram container of Taster’s Choice coffee for 18.90 at Rami Levy.  Limit 2 per coupon. 

Minimum purchase 100 shekels.

Offer expires October 29, 2011.


Shufersal cancels free delivery for online shoppers

Online Shufersal shoppers will no longer have free delivery on orders over 750 shekels- the fee is now 10 shekels.  Orders under 750 shekels will still cost 28 shekels.

Shufersal feels the price increase is justified because the regular prices for many products have been lowered.  Shufersal Deal sales are also valid on Shufersal Yashir, lowering prices even further.

In July, the other major supermarkets raised their delivery costs- Mega to 28 shekels and Rami Levy to 24.90 shekels.

You can still get free delivery at Mega if you spend 500 shekels and use your moadon credit card.


The Calcalist says: “Rami Levy is the cheapest”

October 9, 2011

The Calcalist checked prices and confirmed that Rami levy’s prices are the cheapest!

Foods checked include: canned corn, tomato paste, sweet chili sauce, honey and hot dogs.


Mega’s “crazy holiday sale” continues!

Mega is offering 3 kg of chicken for 50 shekels (drumsticks, thighs, and quarters).  Minimum purchase 200 shekels.

Osem ketchup is 7.99, Shahar chocolate spread is 9.99, and 1 liter of canola oil is 7.99.  Minimum purchase 50 shekels.

You can see the other sale items here.

Sale is only valid for YOU members.

Belgian Waffle coupon from Shufersal

I got you, didn’t I?

Today’s Shufersal coupon is forShufersal brand “vaflim belgi”- literally, Belgian waffles.

A 400 gram package costs 6.99.  You can purchase 2 packages per coupon.

The coupon expires November 7, 2011.

Good at Shufersal Deal, Sheli, and Deal Extra.

10% off on Saturday night

YOU members get 10% off their purchases at these Mega Bool stores every Staurday night.

Offer does not include cigarettes, matches, “technology” and electronics.

Mega Bool 99 agorot vegetable sale- 2 days only!

YOU members: spend at least 100 shekels at Mega Bool and you can purchase up to 3kg of tomatoes, cucumbers, white cabbage, white potatoes and onion for 99 agorot/kg.

Offer expires October 25, 2011. 


Strauss’s very sweet coupon

Spend 50 shekels on Elite products and get 20 shekels back at Shufersal Sheli and Shufersal Deal.

Click on Strauss’s  Facebook page to sign up and have the coupon sent by SMS or email (no charge for the SMS).

Make sure to check the list of which products are eligible for the sale.

Coupon valid until November 8, 2011.

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