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2+1 Harduf organic products- expires 30 November 2015

This month in Shufersal…



Challah and wine at Super Cofix for 5 shekels today 23 October 2015

In honour of the Keep Shabbat project this week, Super Cofix is offering a challah and a 187 ml bottle of wine for only 5 shekels!  To find a store near you, click here.

Source: Calcalist

Challah for 1 shekel at Rami Levy today 23 October 2015

In honour of the Keep Shabbat program, get your challah for 1 shekel at Rami Levy today!

Tomatoes for 2.80 shekels/kg at Rami Levy- expires 5 October 2015

According to reports on Rami Levy’s FB page, there aren’t any tomatoes in some stores* so don’t make a special trip…

*stores without tomatoes:

  • Kastina
  • Shilat
  • Mishor Adumim
  • Ashkelon

Tzomet Sefarim English Book Fair 1-12 April 2015

Well, it doesn’t ACTUALLY say that the books are in English, but the fair is at ZOA house so I have to assume they are…

Free matzah- just like the old country

Remember when we used to get a 5 pound package of matzah with our Pesach shopping?  This year two stores are offering a free matzah deal:

  • Shufersal Deal/Deal Extra/Online– use your Shufersal credit card to purchase 150 shekels worth of wine and you can get a 2.5 kg box of regular matzah for free. Limit 2 matzot per credit card. Does not include boutique wines (over 100 shekels), sweet wines, Tirosh and grape juice.  Double discounts apply.  Expires 3 April 2015.
  • YOU– YOU members that spend 500 shekels at one time will receive a 1 kg package of matzah for free.  Double discounts do not apply.

They aren’t the best deals, but they do bring back memories!

Shufersal Pesach deals- expire 13 April 2015

Here are pictures of the latest deals in Shufersal.  The Pesach products are coming out in full force now so watch the prices go up.  For example, last week Shufersal brand KLP shoko powder was 8.90 shekels, this week it is 9.90 shekels.  As requested by a reader, I have tried to photograph the actual hashgacha and I am trying to emphasize kitniyot-free products.

Sanfrost vegetables are almost all KLP- they have different statuses regarding shmitah so check that as well.These new diet puddings didn’t make it until Pesach.  Kitniyot.Kitniyot and Gebrahkts free.Kitniyot and Gebrahkts free.All of the standard Ashkenazi cookies- but with kitniyot.  Let the buyer beware.  (The TamTams are not KLP)This shouldn’t have kitniyot but it doesn’t say yes or no.Kitniyot.Kitniyot.Kitniyot.No Kitniyot!No Kitniyot!No Kitniyot!Again, shouldn’t have kitniyot but it doesn’t say either way.No Kitniyot!Unfortunately, only the giant bag was KLP.  Maybe the smaller ones will be in stock later on.  No KLP cat food at that time.No kitniyot or gebrahkts.No kitniyot.Kitniyot.Sorry, can’t tell if it has kitniyot or not.No kitniyot or gebrahkts!

Just in time for Pesach- Corelle sale

MUM is sponsoring a huge Corelle sale- just in time for Pesach.  There are a lot of beautiful sets as well as baking dishes with covers.  Prices range from 328 shekels for a 3-piece service for 4 to 1009 shekels for a 3-piece service for 6.  Go to the MUM web site to purchase. Orders over 1000 shekels will receive free delivery; pickup is available from Ramat Gan or delivery is 39 shekels per set.

Here are some examples:



Pesach sales at Shufersal- expire 9 Mar 2015- 13 April 2015

I didn’t have much time to go through all of the sale items, but here is a sampling of what I did find.  I find that once the KLP aisle is created, the prices on these items start to go up.  Get them now while the prices are low.

These are gone before you know it in the store so I bought four boxes.

Pesach sales at Rami Levy- expire 7 March 2015

Here are the latest KLP sales at Rami Levy. I recommend taking pictures of the sale signs- one sale miraculously expired from the time I took the product off the shelf and the time I checked out.  In addition, Rami Levy computers say that the tuna sale is limited to two items but the sign does not.  If you have a copy of the sign, you will get a quicker refund.

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