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New “ready-to-cook” shnitzel from Of Tov with a coupon

Of Tov has come out with a new product- schnitzel that is egged, breaded, and ready to cook/fry.  It has all natural ingredients and 1.8% fat before frying. Now you can have freshly cooked schnitzel without all the mess!

All natural ingredients means:

  • No preservatives
  • No MSG
  • No stabilizers
  • No E-numbers (food additives)
  • Low cholesterol

To print a 5 shekel coupon, click here or go to Of Tov’s Facebook page to have it sent to you by email.

According to My Supermarket, it is selling for 27.90 shekels at Rami Levy and Shufersal.  That is 5.58 per 100 grams,which is a shekel or so more expensive than the precooked schnitzels.


Source: La-daat

Of Tov coupons

Like Of Tov’s Facebook page and you can print out three coupons for Of Tov products- deli meat and shnitzels.  They can be emailed to you or you can print them directly from the page.

‎Of Tov אמא אין כמוך - עוף טוב‎

Zoglobek veggie shnitzel coupon- expires 29 Nov 2013

Meatless Monday deal from Tivall- expires 5 Aug 2013

Tivall’s new campaign, Meatless Monday offers a Tivall product each week for at a discount.  This week the deal is for light corn shnitzel- next week is for light spinach shnitzel.  No coupon needed- just go to any Shufersal deal


Of Tov shnitzel coupon- expires 31 Aug 2013

AM:PM coupons- expires 21 July 2012


Click here to print your coupons– these are only samples.

Tivall broccoli shnitzel coupon- expires 31 July 2012

Coupon- Mama Of baked shnitzel

Shufersal Deal sale- July 12- August 1

Click here to see the sales at Shufersal Deal.  You must be a club member to take advantage of these sales.

El Gaucho products-2 for 30 shekels

Shufersal fish shnitzels- 2 for 38 shekels

Gad Italian cheeses- packaged: buy 2 get 1 free, delicatessen:  25% off

Tibon Veal shwarma- 2 for 44 shekels

Fresh mushrooms- get the second package for 50% off

Shufersal frozen kebab/hamburger- 2 for 30 shekels

Tibon Veal frozen chopped meat- 2 for 45 shekels

Shufersal vegetarian shnitzels- 2 for 35 shekels

Tivol vegetarian shnitzels- get the second package for 50% off

Shloshet HaOfim burecas and filo dough- 2 for 30 shekels

Shloshet HaOfim Cigars, Kube, Pastelles, Egg Rolls- buy 2 get 1 free

Shufersal frozen vegetables- buy 2 get 1 free

Mama Of shnitzels- 2 for 60 shekels

Mama Of shaped shnitzels- 2 for 49 shekels

Shufersal shnitzels- get the second package for 50% off

Ma’adanot jachnun- 2 for 32 shekels

Shufersal french fries- 19.99 shekels each when you buy two packages

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