couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

What’s on sale?

Do you want to know what’s on sale?

If you can’t wait for me to list the deals, here is a list of links to each supermarket’s sale advertisements.

Bar Kol

Chetzi Chinam

Kimat Chinam’s weekly sales per store


Mister Zol

Rami Levy

Shufersal Deal’s biweekly sales circular

Shufersal Deal’s club card sales

Shufersal Sheli’s club card sales

Shufersal sales for credit card holders- monthly booklet

Shufersal credit card sales

Victory’s weekly sales

Victory’s monthly sales

Yainot Bitan

Yesh regular sales

Yesh sales for credit card holders

Zol B’shefa (was Shefa Shuk)


4 thoughts on “What’s on sale?

  1. Sarah Bleich on said:

    What about HACHI KEDAI ?

  2. Estelle P. Harris on said:

    Why doesn’t Osher Ad in Talpiot sell Otzar HaAretz produce during Shemita? How can I contact the management to suggest this?

    • I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that it caters to a more Charedi clientele who generally eat non-Jewish produce. You can call them at 03-6168580 or send a message on their Facebook page (מחסני מזון-אושר עד). Good luck!

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