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Why I buy generics- Part 2

I came across a funny article tonight about generics.  Ynet went to the supermarket and discovered that many store brands or other generics are produced by the same manufacturer as the brand name.  Not only that, but the have the exact same ingredients and nutritional information- the only difference is the price.  For couponing in the holy land readers this is not a new phenomenon (see previous post) but apparently this irked the author.  Why?  Because the different brands on the shelf that have different prices should be made by different manufacturers- that is real competition.  If they are all made by the same manufacturer, it isn’t really competition.  To that I say who cares?!  For me, I get the same product at a lower price.  If I purchase blue and white, even better.

I am not going to elaborate on the article more, but I will show you pictures of identical brands of the same product to save you time in the supermarket.

3 מותגים, יצרן אחד. רק הימנית ביותר לא מיוצרת על-ידי זנלכל ()

פער המחירים בין שעועית לבנה של אותו יצרן: כ-20%. רק השמאלית היא של יצרן אחר ()

3 מותגים בתמונה, אך רק שני מוצרים. המותג הפרטי של שופרסל הוא של פרי הגליל ()

Mega and Pri HaGalil are the same manufacturer- Yachin is different.

פער במחיר: סטייק צ'יפס של תפוגן וסטייק צ'יפס של מגה, גם הוא מתוצרת תפוגן ()

אותו יצרן למותג הפרטי של מגה ולמותג של טחנות ישראליות, אבל המחיר זהה ()

This generic is the same price as the brand name. Why???

אריזת 700 גרם עם שומשום של המותג הפרטי - זולה בהרבה מאריזת המותג של אותו יצרן (דלידג של נטו) בלי שומשום ()

בשופרסל: מדף שלם של סוגת ושופרסל, כי המותג הפרטי של שופרסל הינו מתוצרת סוגת ()

זו טונה ויליגר (המותג) וזו טונה ויליגר (קניה חכמה) ()

Both of these are made by Wiliger

וכדי לבלבל עוד יותר: זו טונה ויליגר של המותג הפרטי של מגה לצד עוד אריזה של טונה ויליגר ()

"המותג" מתוצרת שניב ו"קנייה חכמה" מתוצרת שניב ()

המותג הפרטי של מגה מתוצרת שניב ()

Source: Ynet


Hot meals for 5 shekels- now in Jerusalem

Tel Aviv residents have been enjoying the five shekel meals served by Cofix this winter.  Now, Jerusalem residents can also have a hot meal for only five shekels!

The coffee shop “Pashut Taim” in the tachana merkazit is selling 12 different meals- mejaderra, rice and beans, couscous, noodles, and more.  Each meal weighs 300 grams and is packaged in a 350 ml container:

"היינו רעבים ולא רצינו להוציא 50-40 שקל" (צילום: גיל יוחנן)

Photographer: Gil Yochanan

For the curious, Cofix’s meals are 150-200 grams each.

To see the store in action or if you want to learn more, watch this TV excerpt:

Source: Ynet

Sanfrost Quick Rice mixes coupon- expires 14 Jan 2015

Elite Cafe Hafuch coupon- expires 14 Jan 2015

Amazing toy sale extended to today, 23 Dec 2014!

The amazing toy sale that went on yesterday at Frenzy Fun and Toys has been extended to today as well!  The store is open from 9am-9pm today.  You must use coupon code 890123 to get the deals.  Note: you can only purchase two of the eight amazing products that are deeply discounted.  Don’t miss out!

Free Tavlinon booklet of herbs and spices in Israel

Gems in Israel is giving away their informative booklet describing all of the herbs and spices in Israel, including those commonly used for tea.  Click on this link to access the pdf file.

If you have never heard of Gems in Israel, they have an article archive with delightful insights on tours and trips off the beaten path in Israel.  They also run custom private tours in Israel.

Amazing toy sale 22 Dec 2014 at Frenzy Fun and Toys

Emahot Konot Beyachad has teamed up with Frenzy Fun and Toys in Arna Mall in Herzliya to offer amazing discounts on the entire store and eight unprecedented deals!  Use the coupon code below to get the following discounts:

25% off the entire store (excludes motorized products)

30% off all baby toys

2+2 on all winter items in the store.

In addition, here are crazy discounts offered on eight items:

 for only 35 shekels

Lego #10662 for only 110 shekels

Magic kit for 39.90 shekels

33% off all Laser pegs sets

30 cm Marvel action figures for 29.90 shekels

Barbie for 25 shekels (not sure if it is only this one or all Barbies)

Dicke sound and light trucks for 29.90 shekels

Iron Man costume for 99 shekels


The store is located on the 2nd floor of the Arna Mall next to Super Market.  The address is 2 Rechov HaShonot in Herzliya  ( רחוב השונית 2 הרצליה ).


Free sample of Aussie 3 minute miracle

I love Aussie products- they smell great, they work great, and they don’t test their products on animals.  They are quite expensive in Israel so take advantage of this free sample offer.  You have to provide a street address to receive the sample but you can use a junk email address if you want.  Click on the picture to go to the Aussie web site.


Pizza Hut deal for CAL card holders

As a Chanukah present from CAL, card holders can get 2 family-sized Pizza Hut pizzas for only 49 shekels!  Including delivery!  Click on the picture to order.

Offer expires 31 Dec 2014. Coupon must be used by 31 Jan 2015.  One coupon per customer.  Not valid at Ben Gurion branch.  Must have used CAL to purchase 1500 shekels worth of merchandise in the calendar month.  Must purchase with CAL card.


Sales on Chanukah essentials

Happy Chanukah!!

If you need to replenish your supplies, here are some of the current sales on Chanukah essentials:

Chetzi Chinam

Clik bags- 3 for 10 shekels (limit 2 purchases) (for playing dreidel)

BB pretzels/dakim dakim- 5 shekels

Tomatoes, red/white potatoes, carrots, fennel, beets- 2.90 shekels/kg

Red/yellow/green/Naharia peppers, green spicy peppers, eggplant, sweet potato, kohlrabi- 3.90 shekels/kg

Expires 19 Dec 2014.

Rami Levy

Osem self-rising flour- 5.90 shekels

Shufersal Deal

Sufganiot- 6 for 10 shekels

Mini sufganiot- 8 for 10 shekels

Donuts- 3 for 10 shekels

Fancy sufganiot- 3.90 shekels each.

Expires 28 Dec 2014.

Shufersal Sheli

White potatoes, white cabbage, onion, beets, kohlrabi, carrots and fennel- 2.90 shekels/kg

Expires 19 Dec 2014.


Canola oil (1 litre)- 3 for 19.90 shekels (expires 19 Dec 2014)

BB pretzels/dakim dakim- 2 for 14.80 shekels (expires 26 Dec 2014)

Yaynot Bitan

Sufganiot- 1 shekel each.  Maximum 10 sufganiot per purchase.

Expires 27 Dec 2014.  To find a store near you, click here.


Small sufganiot- 1 shekel each.

A package of latkes/levivot- 10 shekels.

Carmit chocolate coins- 3 for 14 shekels

Carmit Chanukah gift package- 2 for 14 shekels

Mega canola oil (1 litre)- 3 for 18 shekels

Osem self-rising flour- 5 shekels (limit 1)

Onion, white potatoes,and white cabbage- 1.90 shekels/kg (limit 6 kg)

Expires 22 Dec 2014.

(If a store isn’t listed, I didn’t see any Chanukah-specific sales)

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