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Two Free Nestea Mugaz coupon- expires 10 October 2015!!!!!


Free YOLO pudding coupon- expires 30 September 2015

Valid only at Yochananof, Yaynot Bitan, Tiv Taam in the city, Tiv Taam.

Low lactose milk is back- get a free sample (expires 30 April 2015)

Tnuva’s low-lactose milk came out in 2011 and though it can be found online, I rarely see it in the supermarkets.  Now Yotvata has decided to market low-lactose milk as well.  It is slightly higher in price than Tnuva’s (approx. 7.80 shekels), but you can get a free sample now by clicking on the picture to print a coupon or type in your email address here and the coupon will be emailed to you.  You must present a printed coupon to get a free sample.

Free children/youth book at Tzomet Sefarim

I haven’t checked this out in the store but it appears that Tzomet Sefarim is selling grape juice and you get a book free when you buy a bottle.  Or maybe you bring a receipt from a supermarket- someone posted that exact question on their Facebook page but didn’t get an answer yet.

Free matzah- just like the old country

Remember when we used to get a 5 pound package of matzah with our Pesach shopping?  This year two stores are offering a free matzah deal:

  • Shufersal Deal/Deal Extra/Online– use your Shufersal credit card to purchase 150 shekels worth of wine and you can get a 2.5 kg box of regular matzah for free. Limit 2 matzot per credit card. Does not include boutique wines (over 100 shekels), sweet wines, Tirosh and grape juice.  Double discounts apply.  Expires 3 April 2015.
  • YOU– YOU members that spend 500 shekels at one time will receive a 1 kg package of matzah for free.  Double discounts do not apply.

They aren’t the best deals, but they do bring back memories!

Coupon and free sample for MediBear vitamins

Fill out your contact information on the MediBear web site and they will send you a free sample and coupon for either MediBear Vitamin C or Multi Vitamins.



A coupon for dads who do laundry- expires 22 Feb 2015

Ariel laundry detergent (Proctor & Gamble) is trying to encourage dads to do the laundry with a coupon for free Ariel laundry capsules.  All you have to do is post on your Facebook page (not theirs) that you will do the laundry from now on, and you get the coupon emailed to you.  Click on this link and then click on the blue section on the page.  It will post to your FB page and then ask for your email address to send the coupon. If you don’t have a Facebook account, make a dummy one and use it just for times like this.

Coupon for free YOLO pudding- expires 2 May 2015

Click on the coupon to print.

הדפסת קופון

Free Tavlinon booklet of herbs and spices in Israel

Gems in Israel is giving away their informative booklet describing all of the herbs and spices in Israel, including those commonly used for tea.  Click on this link to access the pdf file.

If you have never heard of Gems in Israel, they have an article archive with delightful insights on tours and trips off the beaten path in Israel.  They also run custom private tours in Israel.

Free sample of Aussie 3 minute miracle

I love Aussie products- they smell great, they work great, and they don’t test their products on animals.  They are quite expensive in Israel so take advantage of this free sample offer.  You have to provide a street address to receive the sample but you can use a junk email address if you want.  Click on the picture to go to the Aussie web site.


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