couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Organizational tools

1.  List of areas to clean for Pesach

Adjust the list for your family.  You can also add a column to assign the chore to a person.

2. Pesach grocery list

3. Pesach grocery list for makolet

This list is in Hebrew because I send my kids to the makolet with the list and they make up the order.

4. Pesach preparation

This is a general list of everything (!) that needs to get done…

5. Plague bags

6. Pesach calendar 2014

This is an Excel file I use as my master calendar each year.  Anything that happens in your life must be on here.  It always starts on Shushan Purim.  Plan your lunches (L) and dinners (D) to use up the chametz you have left.  It is already set up for 2014- you need to add in meals, events/chugim, and your cleaning schedule.

7. List of Pesach chores

8. Flylady’s detailed cleaning lists


4 thoughts on “Organizational tools

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  2. michael rose on said:

    why haven’t you mentioned that osher od is openning in canyon hadar in talpiot tomorrow, monday, sept 15th?

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