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Canned tuna prices are going down

One of the ways the government supports Israeli industry is to tax an imported product if that same product is also produced locally.  That seems like a good thing, no? As a Zionist, we all want to support Israeli industry, right?

However, sometimes this comes at a price – literally.  When there are only a few Israeli manufacturers of a certain product it is relatively easy to fix prices – and not to the benefit of the consumer.  This happened with bread and dairy products in recent years.  Naftali Bennet stated that one of his aims to lower prices to the consumer is to lower import taxes which will force local prices to decrease.

Next on the chopping block- canned tuna.  After years of fighting, Yair Lapid finally signed an act lowering the import tax on canned tuna gradually over the next few years.  Manufacturers say  flooding the market with cheap, low quality products will force them out of business because they can’t produce canned tuna at the same cost as manufacturers in countries such as China and Thailand.

So how low will the price go before you stop buying blue and white?  Or are you Zionist at any price?

FYI there are five manufacturers of canned tuna in Israel:

  1. Starkist (AKA Yonah)
  2. Pri HaGalil
  3. Wiliger (AKA Poseidon)
  4. Filtuna
  5. Adi

Source: Ynetnews

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