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Around the world: Hershey’s Cookies and Cream

Although some people are happy just to see Hershey’s in Israel, others are complaining about the price- 4.90 shekels compared to 4.13 shekels in the UK.  Why the discrepancy?  The importer says that the price difference is because of import taxes, special charges for kosher products, and the price of applying the Hebrew sticker.  SOunds reasonable to me.


Cheese at a heavy price


Although this is something I noted previously, cheese is a very expensive product in Israel.  Yisrael HaYom checked the price of Gouda cheese around the world and confirmed: we are 2-3 times more expensive than Britain and 23 times more expensive than the US.  Yisrael HaYom says it is because in chul there are private labels, but one important point was not mentioned- whether they compared kosher Gouda in Israel with kosher Gouda in chul. I suspect not.
IMG_3225.JPGSource: Yisrael HaYom  24 October 2014


Did you know? Johnnie Walker whisky

If you are looking for that special gift in Duty Free, the rabbanut has announced that all Johnnie Walker whiskies (Red, Blue, Black, Double Black, Green, Platinum and Gold Reserve) imported by IBBL Spirits and with an OK on the original label is kosher with no suspicion of chadash. It is chametz and pareve.

For the original OK listing, click here.

For the complete listing of all alcoholic beverages the rabbanut permits to be imported into Israel, click here.  Johnnie Walker is on page 141.  The ID number is 18362.

Be aware that other companies may import non-kosher versions.  Make sure that it has the OK and is imported by IBBL.

ג'וני ווקר

Fresh Kitchen offers free dessert until 30 Jan 2014

Fresh Kitchen has opened their first kosher branch in Tel Aviv on 30 Ibn Givriol Street (London Minister):

In celebration, they are offering a free dessert with the purchase of any meal (business lunch not included).  Valid only at this branch.

For more information or to see their menu, go to their web site.

Update from the Rabbanut- Cheshvan 5764

  • Turkey testicles can be found on the market kashered and not kashered.  Please make sure you know which product you purchased.
  • Sufganiyot are on the market and the rabbanut reminds everyone who manufactures dairy donuts that the filling must be visible on the outside of the donut and that a sign should be placed stating that they are dairy.  They also remind people not to make dairy dough. [Thank goodness they aren’t making dairy donuts different shapes like borekas!]
  • Cristal soda- with and without hechsher.  Make sure there is a kashrut symbol on your Cristal cans of soda- they have a line that produces soda without certification.


  • Another product found without certification: Mei Eden.  Check your bottles and make sure the one you buy does have hashgacha.  No explanation was given.


  • The Rabbanut reminds people that Cava is made from grapes and is not a liquor.


  • Kimat Chinam in Nazareth was found to have treif meat next to chicken with a sign “kashered chicken.”  The store does not have kashrut supervision and the public is warned from shopping there.
  • Fake kashrut symbol: Shaar Yerushalayim olive oil


  • Japanika Ashdod advertises on their web site that “all products are kosher.”  The store is not under kashrut supervision and is open on Shabbat.

  • Alberto de Leone meat products are no longer under kashrut supervision.


  • First Club Eilat is again under kashrut supervision.

  • Gorilla Bar on Sokolov Street in Herzliya no longer has kashrut supervision.

Restaurants that falsely claim to be kosher:

  • HaChoma HaSinit, 26 Mikve Yisrael Street, Tel Aviv
  • Toscana, between Binyamina and Zichron Yaakov
  • Eliran Metukim, 107 Ben Gurion Street, Ramat Gan
  • Park Etgarim, Tayelet Nachal Lachish, Ashdod
  • Adom Yarok, 14 Hacharoshet, Kfar Saba
  • Pizza Master, 42 Six Days Street, Kfar Saba

Businesses that lost their kashrut certification:

  • Event hall Shirat HaBaron, Carmi Industrial Area, Binyamina
  • Restaurant X44, 10/1 HaPalmach Street, Carmiel
  • Duty Free, Tzomet Shilat (at the request of the owners)
  • Yogurt, 52 Bialik Street, Ramat Gan
  • HaShamen, Paz gas station at Rupin-Emek Hefer intersection
  • Baygah bakery, Shmuel Rozorov Street, Checkpost, Haifa


Ornat Chocolate Factory Tour voucher- expires tomorrow!

Babetov is offering a deal on a chocolate tour at Ornat Chocolates in Kadima- 64 shekels for four people!  The tour also includes a short video and a chocolate workshop where you take home chocolate samples.

The voucher is good until 10 October 2013 but check before purchasing what dates are available- as of now for Sukkot there are two times open on 24 September.  Children 6 and over are welcome.

Kosher under the supervision of Rabbanut Kadima and Chatam Sofer Petach Tikva.

Roy chocolates update

I just heard back from Roy chocolates- they are still kosher under the supervision of the Rabbanut of Petach Tikva.  You can see the teudah on their web site.

For those of you who didn’t enter the contest yet, you can do so here.

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