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Practical ways to offer emotional support during a traumatic event

Misrad HaBriut in conjunction with The Academic College of Tel Hai have published a video showing how you can help people who have been emotionally traumatized by an event they just experienced.  The video is appropriate for tweens and older.  In Hebrew.

You can also watch it on Facebook.

The four points are:

  1. Have the person focus on you.  During a trauma, a sense of isolation occurs.  Therefore, have the person connect to you through the statement, “You are not alone, I am with you!”
  2. Helplessness increases distress.  Encourage the person to carry out effective and simple tasks such as contact relatives and collect phone numbers.
  3. Ask simple questions that force thinking and making decisions.  Avoid questions about emotions because stress increases emotional flooding.  Ask simple questions about the event, such as: “How long are you here?” “Where do you need to go?”  “Do you want to stand driving or do you want to call your family first? “Did you get here on your own?”
  4. A distressed person suffers from distraction and sometimes has difficulty speaking and cannot remember what happened.  Have the person describe the sequence of events that occurred in order to create order and reduce confusion.  Highlight the fact that the incident is over and behind him/her!


משרד הבריאותמשרד הבריאותמדינת ישראל

Of Tov-Hod Lavan coupons- expire 31 December 2015

Go to Of Tov’s Facebook page and you can either print out these coupons or have them sent to your email.

Tomatoes for 2.80 shekels/kg at Rami Levy- expires 5 October 2015

According to reports on Rami Levy’s FB page, there aren’t any tomatoes in some stores* so don’t make a special trip…

*stores without tomatoes:

  • Kastina
  • Shilat
  • Mishor Adumim
  • Ashkelon

Got food safety questions? Specialists answer online tonight

Tonight, March 29, 2015, specialists from Misrad HaBriut will be online from 6-8pm (18:00-20:00) to answer all of your food safety questions in preparation for International Food Safety Day 7 April 2015 .  Post your question as a reply to the Misrad HaBriut Facebook page and it will get answered there.  For more information, go to Misrad HaBriut’s web site.  I know some of my readers don’t use Facebook, so what I would recommend is to send your question to the moked stating that you want it answered by the specialists and it will be included that way.

Since we are already talking food safety, check out this great video by the WHO- Five Keys to Safer Food (English with Hebrew subtitles).  Appropriate for kids as well with minion-like microbes.

A coupon for dads who do laundry- expires 22 Feb 2015

Ariel laundry detergent (Proctor & Gamble) is trying to encourage dads to do the laundry with a coupon for free Ariel laundry capsules.  All you have to do is post on your Facebook page (not theirs) that you will do the laundry from now on, and you get the coupon emailed to you.  Click on this link and then click on the blue section on the page.  It will post to your FB page and then ask for your email address to send the coupon. If you don’t have a Facebook account, make a dummy one and use it just for times like this.

Big Tupperware sale – No Ma’am through 31 Jan 2015

In Israel it seems to be a constant battle trying to buy a reasonably priced product without it falling apart in three seconds.  We used to buy strictly according to price but after being constantly frustrated because we had to buy ANOTHER hairbrush/pencil sharpener/backpack/etc., we decided that for many items, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  In the kitchen I admit that I have a lot of disposable containers that are re-used often- that is, until my child comes home hysterical because her lunch leaked all over her science project.  Storage containers need to be sturdy to survive your child’s backpack and they need to keep their contents in the container.  Tupperware is one of those brands that you know will last forever- I think everyone has one item from their parents or grandparents that are still going strong.  My favorite Tupperware item is my soup mug with a vent hole on top which NEVER leaks.

If you are looking for a good quality gift for you or your friend, quickly check out the Tupperware sale going on now- 15% off the entire store except pots.  You can look through the catalog here.  To purchase an item (or more), you can contact Einat, the Jerusalem representative at 050-5741815 (Hebrew/English) or on her Facebook page or place an order on the Tupperware web site using code 1000.  The sale ends soon so get your (mishloach manot? Pesach?) order in now!



RECALL: Tivall “Meat” and potatoes meal- Arucha tavshil kafri

The Tivall company is notifying the public that the 900 gram package of “Aruchah Tavshil Kafri” was found to have Listeria in two batches: 41693613 with an expiration date of 18.9.2015 and 41703613 with an expiration date of  19.9.2015.  The public is asked not to eat the product and to call Tivall’s central line at 1-800-760-750 for more information.

Source: Facebook and the Ministry of Health

For more information about listeria, go to the CDC web site.


Lots of new Tnuva coupons- expire 31 July-31 Dec 2014

Print them on Tnuva’s Facebook page or here.  Check to make sure which supermarket chain each coupon in valid for.


Lots of Tnuva coupons- expire between 30 June 2014- 31 Dec 2014

Go to Tnuva’s Facebook page and print out their new coupons:



Free sample of Friskies cat food pouch

Go to Friskies’ web page, enter your name, email, and address to have a voucher mailed to you for a free pouch of Friskies cat food.

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