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Elite Splendid chocolate coupon- expires 30 Apr 2013


Mega online shopping coupon

If you still haven’t tried online shopping, here is a deal from Mega to get you started:

Register on their web site to get the discount.


Free Carta world atlas from Tzomet Sefarim- expires 15 Feb 2013

If you are going to the Jerusalem International Book Fair this week, print out a coupon for a free copy of Carta’s World Atlas from the Tzomet Sefarim stand.

Muller’s yogurt coupon- expires 7 Mar 2013

Click on Muller’s Facebook page to get a 3+1 coupon emailed to you.

Free gymboree in Tel Aviv every Thursday

From January 31, 2013, children ages 3-8 accompanied by a parent can play for free in the Tel Aviv iriyiah on Ibn Givriol 69.  The play area is open from 4-7pm (16:00-19:00).

It is going to be Take your Kid to Work Day on Thursday…

“Eating Kosher Festival” deals going on now

Feb 9-21: Prix Fix- 79 shekels for a full meal at many great restaurants.

For restaurants and menus, go to the festival web site.

Gillette razor coupon- expires 31 Mar 2013

Tnuva spreading cottage cheese coupon- expires 31 Mar 2013

Emek cheese coupons- expires 1 Dec 2013

It is cheaper to buy from the ma’adania, but if you don’t have one or the line is too long…

Shtuzim chetzi-chetzi coupon- expires 31 July 2013

These are on sale now without the coupon, so save it for later…

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