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More reports of animal abuse- this time at Zoglobek

Kolbotek, the Israel expose show, showed a hidden video this week showing incidents of serious abuse of the animals coming for slaughter.  To watch the video, click here.

Since the airing of the video, the Knesset has discussed “the Zoglobek issue.”

The Rabbinic Council will meet on Monday to discuss the removal of Zoglobek’s kashrut certification.  The Rav HaRashi, HaRav David Lau, stated: “In addition to the personally difficult issues when watching the video, there are also considerable halachic issues.  We are talking about dying or unhealthy animals brought to shechita.  According to the Torah, it is forbidden to slaughter animals in that condition.  We are commanded by the Torah to shecht animals only in a fashion that prevents abuse.” (source)

In response to the question as to how the shochtim could allow this to happen, has said that whoever sees animal abuse is required by halacha to report it to the authorities.

Misrad HaChaklaut is responsible both for the veterinary supervision of the slaughterhouse and the prevention of animal abuse.  They have promised to investigate.  However, some are saying it is too little, too late, as in Adom Adom.  Dr Moshe Rafaelovich, the head of the Organization of City Veterinarians, is calling for the supervisory authority of Misrad HaChaklaut on animal welfare to be moved to another ministry who will appropriate the task as its mission. (source)

In the social media outlets there is a call to boycott Zoglobek’s products.  Zoglobek also runs the risk of losing its export license to the European Union, since the EU law states that any imported product must hold to the same animal welfare standards as the EU (source).

It isn’t such a party any more…

Animal cruelty charges filed against Adom Adom workers

For those who don’t remember, last fall Kolbotek showed a video exposing graphic scenes of animal abuse at the Adom Adom slaughterhouse in Beit Shean.  This week, criminal charges were filed against the manager of the slaughterhouse line, his deputy, and two contract employees for their egregious behaviour against animals.

Tnuva responded: “Adom Adom condemns the behavior of animal abuse and condemned these unacceptable actions immediately when they were discovered. To repeat and emphasize, since the exposure of these distressing cases, Adom Adom has taken meaningful measures including dismissing the factory’s manager, ending the work of the contract employees mentioned in the article, improving work procedures and others – in order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

“A draft of the indictment was received by Adom Adom and it is being thoroughly reviewed. The two employees mentioned within have been released on leave, and in no case will return to work with animals.

Adom Adom will continue to raise its standard of operational excellence and ensure the excellent quality of its products to consumers.”

Source: Ynetnews

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