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Movie Time this Thursday, 22 October 2015- 10 shekel movie tickets!

According to MUM, this is happening throughout the country at all movie theaters.  So far the only reference I found to it was on the Rav Hen and Yes Planet web sites, so if you generally go to another movie theater, call them up and check.  No other sales or discounts are valid this day.  You can order tickets online for an extra 4 shekels.

Got food safety questions? Specialists answer online tonight

Tonight, March 29, 2015, specialists from Misrad HaBriut will be online from 6-8pm (18:00-20:00) to answer all of your food safety questions in preparation for International Food Safety Day 7 April 2015 .  Post your question as a reply to the Misrad HaBriut Facebook page and it will get answered there.  For more information, go to Misrad HaBriut’s web site.  I know some of my readers don’t use Facebook, so what I would recommend is to send your question to the moked stating that you want it answered by the specialists and it will be included that way.

Since we are already talking food safety, check out this great video by the WHO- Five Keys to Safer Food (English with Hebrew subtitles).  Appropriate for kids as well with minion-like microbes.

Forty Free Sites to visit on Pesach – 2015 Edition

Bank HaPoalim has once again sponsored the free entrance to a multitude of attractions throughout Israel.

There is a very cute Hebrew site which has all of the information including opening hours and how to get there by public transportation.

Here is a list in English of the free sites:

Free Museums in the North

  • Ghetto Fighters Museum
  • International Stone Sculpture Symposium Galilee
  • Deer Forest
  • Antiques Museum of the Golan
  • Katzrin Park
  • Umm Al Fahm Museum
  • Wilfrid Museum
  • Probot- Agricultural Adventure
  • Ein Harod Art Center
  • HaChan Museum, Hadera

Free Museums in Haifa

Free Museums in the Center

Free Museums in the Jerusalem area

  • Yad LeShiryon – Armored Corps Museum
  • Bible Lands Museum
  • City of David- Archeological Adventure Emek Tzurim
  • City of David- Armon HaNatziv
  • Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
  • Old Yishuv Court Museum
  • Begin Heritage Center
  • Yad Ytzhak Ben Tzvi
  • Shai Agnon House
  • Israel Museum Jerusalem (not part of the Bank Hapoalim promotion) will be open free for children throughout chol hamoed and is free for everyone on April 9 )

Free Museums in the South of Israel

Free Agricultural Open House at Misrad HaChaklaut 1 April 2015

Looking to take a break from cleaning next week?  Consider stopping by the Ministry of Agriculture’s campus in Beit Dagan (between Rishon L’Tzion and Rechovot).  There will be all the latest agricultural technologies, flowers, a movie, tastings and more!  Admission is free.

Election Day- it’s all about being free

Election Day means democracy, the freedom to vote who you think should be the leader of your country, the freedom from having to work, and free events throughout the country.  Here is a taste of what’s going on:

  1. Free travel- if you are 20 km or more away from your voting district, you can travel there for free by bus or train.  It doesn’t matter what the reason is- according to Giyora Fords, Speaker of the Central Elections Committee, if you are registered to vote in Haifa but happen to be in Tel Aviv on Election Day, you can get a free round-trip ticket from Tel Aviv to Haifa that day.  If you do not qualify for that deal, you can get a free ride with Uber taxi (up to 40 shekels).  To get the discount, use the code “בחירות2015” in the app.
  2. Neot Kedumim will open its doors for free from 9:00-15:00 on Election Day.  There will be other activities for a fee such as guided tours, a train ride, and navigation through the park with quizzes and activities.
  3. To help get into the Pesach spirit, studio &Joy is offering grownups and families the chance to work with people with special needs to help package Pesach gifts and arrange flowers.  The workshop will take place from 10:00-15:00 in Studio And Joy in Park Afek in Rosh HaAyin.  To participate, call 03-9011735 or email
  4. Kids from ages 6-16 will be running the Youth Shuk HaPishPishim in Kanyon Savyonim in Yehud. There is no charge to participate and each item must be priced at 15 shekels or under.  It is too late to register but it is worth a meander if you are in the neighborhood.
  5. Kenyon Renanim in Raanana will be having its own snow city with snow delivered fresh from the Chermon!  Feel free to build snowmen, have snowball fights and more.  For more information, call 09-7470500.
  6. Help the elderly exercise their right to vote! The non-profit organization Kol Dorot is recruiting volunteers to accompany the elderly to their voting stations.  They put out a special call for help in Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, and Lod but are recruiting throughout the country.  To volunteer, call Nitzan at 052-454-5092 or to Kol HaDorot at 050-8818207.  For more information, go to their Facebook page.
  7. The National Parks have lots of special activities going on.  Parks that have activities with no additional charge other than the admission fee include Beit Guvrin, Einot Tzukim, Caesarea, Beit Shearim, Ein Prat, and Ein Prat.  For more information, go to the Reshut HaTeva web site.


Sources: Ynet, Mako

Free prostate exams tomorrow, 26 Nov 2014

This isn’t food related but it is important enough that I want to pass the message on.

This month is dedicated to increasing awareness of prostate cancer.  To that end, Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva will be offering free screenings for prostate cancer tomorrow, 26 November 2014, from 9:00-13:00 (9am-1pm).  The screening is only for men aged 50-70 years old.  There is no need to make an appointment or bring a “tofes hitchayavut” (טופס התייחבות), and there is no charge.

The screening will take place in the outpatient clinics of the hospital (“מרפאות חוץ”).

11/11- China’s Singles’ Day means great shopping deals for us!

11/11- the four ones that look like individual people- is also known as Singles’ Day in China.  On this anti-Valentine’s Day, retailers thought that since you aren’t out celebrating with your beau, you might as well do some shopping to lift your mood.  The concept has expanded greatly to become China’s largest online shopping day of the year, bringing in $5.75 billion in online sales in that 24 hour period last year.  Buoyed by their success, other countries have latched on to the concept.  This year Israel will be participating as well but for two days- 11/11 and 12/11.  Although there aren’t many details yet, you can go to Shopping IL’s web site to see a list of stores that are participating.  Of course, the Chinese web site Aliexpress will be participating (and has free delivery to Israel).

JDate and Chinabuy will be joining forces to have a singles party the evening of 11/11 to celebrate all those great deals everybody got that day.  More details on their Facebook page.  Chinabuy also offers free shipping to Israel.

Although I am sparse on details right now, I will be looking for information next week so be alert for great sales next Tuesday.

Kosher food festival 2-14 November 2014

The Chef Tochal Kosher Food Festival is back with a list of restaurants offering a full meal for only 89 shekels!  For a list of participating restaurants click here.  To download the free Hebrew/English Chef Tochal app which gives you instant coupons for restaurants, click here for iTunes and here for Google Play.

Babyland is coming 4-6 November 2014

One of Israel’s biggest fairs for moms and moms-to-be is happening this week.  Some of the activities include: workshops for baby yoga, movement and dancing, drawing, a toddler gymboree, carousel, and shows for the children, as well as a huge Super-pharm with special prices on baby-related items.

November 4-6, 2014 from 10:00-22:00

Bitan 1 Maxidome, Ganei Taarucha


Regular door price: 35 shekels per person (children under 12 are free)

Lifestyle card holders: 35 shekels per couple (purchase tickets on Lifestyle web site, in Super-pharm, or at the show)

With a purchase of 59 shekels or more at Super-pharm: 25 shekels per person (specific items only)

With each ticket you get a voucher for a bag of baby goodies values at 79 shekels!


For more information, call 03-6555661 or go to the Babyland web site.

10 shekel movies this Thursday, 23 October 2014!

Once again, this Thursday movies will be 10 shekels each and 14 shekels for 3D movies.

Participating movie theaters include: Cinema City, Yes Planet, Rav Hen, Lev and Globus Max.  All movies showing that day are included in the deal.  If you want to get a jump on other moviegoers and purchase tickets online, realize that there is a 3.90-4.50 shekel service charge per ticket.  You might remember that Misrad l’Haganat HaTzarchan published a document last April stating that there shouldn’t be hidden service fees for movie tickets purchased online, so make sure you know up front what the actual service charge will be on the site you use.



Source: The Marker and Globes

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