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Jerusalem price wars: Rami Levy vs. Osher Ad

Yediot Yerushalayim compared prices of basic grocery items in the Rav Hen Rami Levy to the Kanyon Hadar Osher Ad.  Rami Levy came out significantly cheaper for every product:

IMG_3224.JPGSo despite that fact that this Osher Ad just opened, it doesn’t appear to be attracting customers with loss leaders.  Let the buyer beware.


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4 thoughts on “Jerusalem price wars: Rami Levy vs. Osher Ad

  1. But at Osher Ad you don’t have to stand in line, and that’s worth a lot more than saving a shekel or two.

  2. דוד on said:

    what about the other products osher ad is cheaper?

    • Excellent question. The products might have been selected so that a certain supermarket won. Can any Jerusalemites comment on the accuracy of the survey?

      • Rivkia on said:

        Based on the prices I have compared, this survey seems quite slanted. As a vegetarian I can’t report on the prices of meat and when it comes to produce I am loyal to the shuk, but otherwise I find Osher Ad prices to be competitive and many times cheaper (although you are pushed to buy in a reasonable bulk).
        However, when you factor in the cleanliness, orderliness, shorter lines, and that they employ Jewish labor, there is no doubt where I would prefer to shop.

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