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The Cofix revolution marches on

In case you have been living under a rock (or just started reading my posts), you know about the Cofix revolution- everything in the store is 5 shekels- coffee, sandwiches, fresh-squeezed orange juice, yogurt with granola, focaccia…you get the picture.  In response to the huge amount of business Cofix has generated for itself, some stores have introduced a 5 shekel menu and some stores sent undercover workers and reported that Cofix’s sandwiches are not fresh.  Cofix vehemently denies this claim, stating that their inventory does not last that long in the store.  Some reviewers love their products, some hate them, but the people on the street seem to love them because the lines are long and Cofix has announced the opening of 5 new stores; Ha’arbaa Street and Herzl/Halevy Street in Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Netanya and Rishon L’Zion.  The Ha’arbaa Street one opened this week.  It is right across the street from the Cinematheque.  I tried it out today- I bought fresh squeezed orange juice (I watched them squeeze it) and a focaccia bread with roasted vegetables.  The food was fresh and delicious and the prices are at least half that of the other stores in the area.  The chayalim in the area flocked to the store and grabbed the chairs outside.  All in all, I can’t see a reason to go elsewhere.

List of store branches



The Cofix effect- Aroma lowers coffee prices (but not their deals)

After the grand opening of Cofix and its 5 shekel deals, other shops are starting to feel pressure to lower prices. Aroma announced that they are lowering the price of their small cafe hafuch from 11 shekels to 8 shekels and their large drops from 13 shekels to 12.  The price of the “cafe v’ma’afa” will stay the same, however, at 19 shekels.

The Aroma at the airport and Hatzeva will be selling their small coffee for 10 shekels, according to the mancal, because they have higher expenditures than the other stores.

The second Cofix has just opened on 47 King George Street in Tel Aviv.

Source: Ynet

Nescafe coupons- expires 30 Sept 2013

Elite coffee coupon

Jacobs “Turkish” coffee- expires 31 Dec 2012

Coupon for new Elite coffee

Strauss coupon- Elite coffee

Click here for the coupon

Strauss’s Deal of the Week- Kafe v’ma’afah

Strauss’s deal with Shufersal this week is for 20 shekels off a 50 shekel purchase of Elite coffees and cakes.

Offer valid only at Shufersal Deal and Shufersal Sheli.

Offer expires 27 Dec 2011.

Click here to get the coupon sent to you by SMS or email.

Taster’s Choice coupon at Rami Levy

Click here (p11) to get a coupon for a 200 gram container of Taster’s Choice coffee for 18.90 at Rami Levy.  Limit 2 per coupon. 

Minimum purchase 100 shekels.

Offer expires October 29, 2011.


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