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Costco products in Osher Ad- official update

A recent article from Globes brings good news for Costco lovers- Kirkland brand products are here to stay!

The store decided to import a well-known generic brand instead of creating their own.  They are currently selling five items on a trial basis (toilet paper, fake Splenda, paper towels and trash bags in two sizes) and plan to bring in everything from “contact lens solution to clothing”.

If you are happy to have Kirkland products in Israel, it wouldn’t hurt to let Osher Ad know- on their Facebook page or in one of their stores.

To read about my previous blog post, click here.


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12 thoughts on “Costco products in Osher Ad- official update

  1. Simi on said:

    Splenda and fake Splenda is extremely unhealthy. Just so you know…it’s not a good thing to be selling to fellow Yiddin.

  2. Who cares about Kirkland products – what we want is Costco prices!

  3. Avi Noam on said:

    Do they have canned 100% maple syrup??

    • From what I know, they only have the five products listed in the article, but plan to bring “everything”.
      I recommend you contact Osher Ad and let them know what you want to see in their stores- I wouldn’t mind purchasing that big jug as well!

  4. Michal on said:

    I want Costco prices and more products. Like. Tuna. Mayo. Paper goods. And more……

  5. That would be nice with Costco prices, but when will they start to bring all the products?

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  7. Helen Katznelson on said:

    Would love to buy Kirkland underwear in Israel at Costco prices. They wear well!

    • Ruben Misrahi on said:

      I love Osher Ad, except for one thing… The prices ringed at the counter are frequently higher than the ones shown on the labels. I tried to speak with the “manager” at the Hadar mall. Never available.
      Review your ticket before you leave Osher Ad!

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