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Misrad HaBriut: Don’t get “Black Henna” tattoos

Misrad HaBriut is warning the public to avoid getting “black henna” tattoos because they can cause severe allergic reactions.  Black henna is different than regular henna because it has an additional chemical added to it to speed up the tattooing process.  It is this chemical, called PPD, which causes the allergic reactions.  Black henna tattoos are frequently seen at festivals and other stands.



Misrad HaBriut: Ikaclomin unavailable for the near future

Teva Pharmaceuticals has been unable to produce Ikaclomin for some time now but has been providing Serophene as an alternative medication.  Unfortunately, Teva is now unable to provide Serophene.  The kupot cholim have been notified of this issue and will be permitted to import similar drugs for off-label use until such time as Teva is able to provide Ikaclomin.

Misrad HaBriut’s Pharmaceutical Division is following the issue and will notify the public of any changes.


Misrad HaBriut and Misrad HaChinuch: Don’t reuse egg containers for crafts

Misrad HaBriut publicized new recommendations this week in response to the increased reuse of egg containers for crafts.  Because of the known presence of Salmonella bacteria  in eggs (particularly on the egg shell) and because it is impossible to sufficiently clean egg containers to destroy Salmonella, Misrad HaBriut recommends not to reuse egg containers.  Misrad HaChinuch has adopted this recommendation and forbids the reuse of egg containers in educational institutions.

Misrad HaBriut expands the recommendation of Misrad HaChinuch to include rehabilitation centers, old age homes, hospitals, and psychiatric centers.

You can read the directive on the Misrad HaBriut web site (Hebrew).

For more information about reducing your risk of Salmonella from eggs, go to the CDC web site.

אין להשתמש בתבניות ביצים משומשות מחשש להמצאות סלמונלה בתבניות

Food News Roundup – 25 June 2014

The Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv is offering two new specials in their restaurants: Friday all you can eat buffet brunch for only 97 shekels and a business lunch for 130 shekels per person including a glass of wine and free parking.  The hotel is located on 99 HaYarkon Street overlooking the sea.  The hotel states that the restaurants are kosher but confirm before going.  For more information, call 03-5202424 or go to their web site.

Travelling to exotic locations this summer? Stocking up your emergency pantry? Consider Chef HaDerech meals- 8 different fish, meat and vegetarian meals that do not need to be refrigerated and come with their own heating packet.  They have a shelf life of 3 years thanks to a special technology that preserves the quality of the meal.  The meals are kosher under the hashgacha of Badatz Beit Yosef and cost between 29 and 32 shekels.  You can purchase them online or in Richochet, Sonol gas station stores, and many other stores listed here.

It is official: milk and dairy products will be more 8% more expensive starting in July.  This includes price-controlled products.  The reason?  The price of food for cattle, sheep and goats has increased.

A war has been waged on the airport restaurants by Yisrael HaYom because of their incredibly high prices compared with other branches of the same store.  For example, a small cappuccino at Aroma in the airport costs 15 shekels but in any other branch costs 8 shekels (takeaway) and a slice of pizza at Pizza Hut costs 18 shekels in the airport and 13 shekels in any other branch.  The stores claim that the prices are higher because it costs more to have a branch in the airport- the costs are higher for security, rent, and maintenance.  The knesset debated this issue and decided that the airport authority has to present a proposal to have some sort of price supervision over four products- coffee, baked goods, sandwiches, and drinks.  In the future, all stores will have to agree to the price regulation in their contract.  Source

Coffee wars: Coffee Express branches will now be selling Lavazza coffee for only 4 shekels (5 shekels for coffee with soy milk).  They also have pasta, fruit shakes, and ice cream for 5 shekels.  They currently have two stores- one by Londonminister in Tel Aviv and one in Ramat Gan by the Bursa and plan to open another 8 stores.  Both are kosher under the Rabbanut of Tel Aviv.  For more info go to their web site.   Ikea has also joined the coffee wars: in the Netanya and Rishon stores, you can get a small coffee for 4 shekels, but in their new store in Kiryat Ata you will be able to get all you can drink coffee for 8 shekels.  Source  If you are looking for something besides coffee, you can get 5 shekel falafel at Felafel Dror in Tel Aviv.  It is listed as kosher mehadrin.  Source

Ending soon: Half price voucher for Cafe Greg

Shaveh is offering a half price deal for Cafe Greg in the Gan HaIr mall in Tel Aviv- 71 Ibn Givriol Street.

Pay 5 shekels to Shaveh and 44 shekels to Cafe Greg for a voucher worth 89 shekels.

The voucher includes a glass of beer and either fish and chips or noodles.

The voucher is good for 60 days.

To purchase, go to the Shaveh web site.


RECALL: Yad HaMelech Chumus Misadot

Pri HaGalil has announced that as the result of routine testing, there is a risk of the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in “Chumus Misadot” products under the brand name “Yad HaMelech”.  If you are in possession of this product with a sell by date of 1 July 2014 (400 grams) or 15 July 2014  (400 and 800 gram), you are asked to refrain from eating the product and  call Pri HaGalil at 072-2640150 to return the product and get another one.

Listeria monocytogenes is a bacteria that can cause disease in high-risk individuals such as those with weakened immune systems or cause abortions in pregnant women.

[For more information about Listeria, please go to the CDC web site.]


Cinema City Deals

Cinema City Jerusalem is offering a bunch of deals for the summer:

*Every Friday get a movie and meal for only 49 shekels! Participating movies only.

*Spend 99 shekels or more in any of the stores and get a free ticket to “Paddle Pop Adventures 3” (“מקס האריה”)

*Moadon Kiddie City- every Wednesday at 17:30 there are several kids performances

You can get 1+1 tickets for Cinema City movies with the following credit cards:

  • Leumi Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Club (must spend at least 1500 shekels using the card the month of ticket purchase)
  • Visa CAL- business cards only
  • Mastercard- business cards only

For more information, go to the Cinema City web site or call 1-700-70-22-55


WARNING: Mommy Care Citronella Spray

The Ministry of Health is warning the public that the citronella spray “Mosquitush” produced by La Creme under the name “Mommy Care” is not approved by the Ministry of Health and is not being manufactured in accordance with the law.

When buying products such as these, the Ministry of Health recommends that you check the list of approved cosmetics and toiletries on their web site before purchasing.




Join My Strauss and get coupons, free samples and more

Strauss has removed it’s coupon section from it’s Facebook page and introduced My Strauss- an online center for lots of coupons, recipes, comments, and more.  You can even get free samples of new foods and give reviews.

There is no cost to join.  Click on the picture to sign up.

Lots of Tnuva coupons- expire between 30 June 2014- 31 Dec 2014

Go to Tnuva’s Facebook page and print out their new coupons:



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