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Purim costume coupon- Kfar sha’ashuim

If you haven’t gotten your kid a Purim costume yet, never fear- here is a 25 shekel off coupon for Kfar HaSha’ashuim…


Mega sales this week

Coupon for Fairy dish liquid

Shufersal coupon- Piraeus labane

Mega coupon- Tirosh grape juice

Coupon- Yad Mordechai children’s honey

Shufersal coupon- Yoplait shtuzim expires 12 Dec 2012

Coupon- Mama Of baked shnitzel

Shufersal-Strauss deal- bagged salads and ravioli

Don’t let this one pass you by- spend 30 shekels on Strauss bagged salads or ravioli and get a 30% discount at Shufersal Sheli or Shufersal Deal.  Expires 20 March 2012.

Click here to get the coupon.

Superpharm- Loreal coupons- expires 29 Feb 2012

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