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Tivall coupon- expires 31 Mar 2013

At Shufersal Yashir (online), this coupon is good for multiple non-sale products in the same order.


Avent bottle coupons- expires 30 June 2013

This coupon can be used only in Shilav, and I do not know their coupon policy, so check before you purchase…

קופונים, AVENT, אוונט נטוראל, שילב

Finish Quantum tablets coupon- expires 31 May 2013

Kelo-kote scar gel coupon- expires 31 Dec 2012

Avent pacifiers coupon- expires 31 Dec 2012

Have you prepped your safe room yet?

Missiles have landed in areas previously thought to be out of reach.  Some of us might have been lackadaisical about having a safe room prepared, but now it is obvious that there is no time to wait.

With that in mind, I recommend you check out Pikud HaOref (Home Front Command)’ s Emergency Situation Preparation Guide and purchase the recommended items.

For Leumi Card holders, Ace is offering a 100 shekel discount on purchases over 400 shekels.  The discount is good until 28 Nov 2012.  For more details, go to the Leumi Card web site.



Deals for Southern Residents

For our Southern residents, several companies are offering deals to make your days a little more pleasant.  I will update the page as I hear of more deals, so refresh the page often.  Most events are for this weekend only, so check before you go.

Grand Canyon Haifa

Free admission to Luna Grand when you present your TZ /sapach with address.

For more information: 04-822-1000 or go to their web site.

Mega Supermarkets

Many basic products on sale for 1 shekel each and free delivery from Mega BaInternet.


Mini Israel

Discounted tickets are available for Southern residents when presenting TZ/sapach- 29 shekels for adults and 14 shekels for children.

For more information: 1-700-559-559 or go to their web site.

Rami Levy and Shufersal

Many sales on basics- milk, cucumbers, etc.

Cafe Greg

15% discount

Coop Shop

Free delivery


1+1 sale

Assisted Living “Ad 120”, Walla Shops

Deals on rooms

Hotels Prima, Fatal, Dan, Gulliver, Astral, Tamars, Hasharon (Herzilya), Rimonim, Tzuba, Zimmerim Beit jean

Discounts on rooms

Moetzah Aizorit Tamar

Free rooms

Bank HaPoalim

One time loan at minimum interest

Machsane Teorah

20% Discount

Home Center

199 shekel emergency supplies package including: flashlight, emergency light, batteries, blow-up mattress, and six-pack of bottled water


all channels free for Southern residents

Globus Max

Free busses and tickets to go to movie theaters in the mercaz and north

Migdal David Museum

Free entrance

Flamenco Group

Free performance

Bilu Center

Nov 16 only, free entrance to Luna Park and Gymboree with free pizza and tropit

Tzofim (Scouts)

Free activities for kids in shelters

Madatech Science museum in Haifa

Free admission

Park Shaashuim Balagan (Kibbutz Yagur)

Free admission this weekend


50% discount on admission

Teacher’s Union Members

10 shekel admission to Safari,  Mini Israel, and Superland

Michlellet Madison for Alternative Medicine

Free treatments by therapists- for more information *5030



For more details on everything listed above, see the article in The Marker (Hebrew)


Free samples of Wissotzky Green Tea

Go to Wissotzky’s web site, fill out your contact information, and get three samples of green tea free.



Nestea 1+1 coupon- expires 30 Nov 2012

Nutrilon coupon- expires 31 Dec 2012

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