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11/11- China’s Singles’ Day means great shopping deals for us!

11/11- the four ones that look like individual people- is also known as Singles’ Day in China.  On this anti-Valentine’s Day, retailers thought that since you aren’t out celebrating with your beau, you might as well do some shopping to lift your mood.  The concept has expanded greatly to become China’s largest online shopping day of the year, bringing in $5.75 billion in online sales in that 24 hour period last year.  Buoyed by their success, other countries have latched on to the concept.  This year Israel will be participating as well but for two days- 11/11 and 12/11.  Although there aren’t many details yet, you can go to Shopping IL’s web site to see a list of stores that are participating.  Of course, the Chinese web site Aliexpress will be participating (and has free delivery to Israel).

JDate and Chinabuy will be joining forces to have a singles party the evening of 11/11 to celebrate all those great deals everybody got that day.  More details on their Facebook page.  Chinabuy also offers free shipping to Israel.

Although I am sparse on details right now, I will be looking for information next week so be alert for great sales next Tuesday.

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