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10 shekel movies this Thursday, 23 October 2014!

Once again, this Thursday movies will be 10 shekels each and 14 shekels for 3D movies.

Participating movie theaters include: Cinema City, Yes Planet, Rav Hen, Lev and Globus Max.  All movies showing that day are included in the deal.  If you want to get a jump on other moviegoers and purchase tickets online, realize that there is a 3.90-4.50 shekel service charge per ticket.  You might remember that Misrad l’Haganat HaTzarchan published a document last April stating that there shouldn’t be hidden service fees for movie tickets purchased online, so make sure you know up front what the actual service charge will be on the site you use.



Source: The Marker and Globes

Ashdod residents get a free movie at Globus Max

Globus Max in the C Mool mall in Ashdod is offering 25 shekel tickets for residents of the South but residents of Ashdod can see a movie for free!  Must bring TZ that shows residency.  You can order tickets in advance.  Make sure the deal is still valid before ordering.  The movie theaters are in protected areas.  For more information go to Globus Max’s Facebook page

Cinema City Deals

Cinema City Jerusalem is offering a bunch of deals for the summer:

*Every Friday get a movie and meal for only 49 shekels! Participating movies only.

*Spend 99 shekels or more in any of the stores and get a free ticket to “Paddle Pop Adventures 3” (“מקס האריה”)

*Moadon Kiddie City- every Wednesday at 17:30 there are several kids performances

You can get 1+1 tickets for Cinema City movies with the following credit cards:

  • Leumi Card
  • American Express
  • Diners Club (must spend at least 1500 shekels using the card the month of ticket purchase)
  • Visa CAL- business cards only
  • Mastercard- business cards only

For more information, go to the Cinema City web site or call 1-700-70-22-55


What’s hot this summer- events and kids movies

Achbar Ha’Ir has lists of what is hot this summer.

I will post the links for now and will translate the pages as soon as I am able.


Movies for kids- with trailers

Kids in Kiryat Motzkin and Kiryat Yam get discount movie tickets- expires 25 Aug 2013

Residents of these two towns from the age of 13-18 (not including soldiers in Kiryat Yam) can purchase movie tickets at HaKiryon for 15 shekels each (add 13 shekels for 3D).  Must show teudat zehut to purchase tickets.  Not valid on weekends.


Classic movies for a classic price in Beersheva this summer- expires 31 Aug 2013

At BUY2, you can buy tickets for movies such as The Godfather, Grease, The Lorax and Harry Potter for 19 shekels each- 25 shekels for a ticket and popcorn. You can purchase unlimited quantities of tickets.

Click here to purchase tickets for adult movies.

Click here to purchase tickets for childrens/family movies.

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