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Kosher food festival 2-14 November 2014

The Chef Tochal Kosher Food Festival is back with a list of restaurants offering a full meal for only 89 shekels!  For a list of participating restaurants click here.  To download the free Hebrew/English Chef Tochal app which gives you instant coupons for restaurants, click here for iTunes and here for Google Play.

FoodFest specials 29 Dec 2013- 4 Jan 2014

Sorry I didn’t come across this earlier, but right now you can get great deals on restaurant fare- either sit-down or takeaway.  Go to the Mako web site, pick sit-down or takeaway, your area, and you find a whole lot of kosher, mehadrin, and non-kosher restaurants to choose from.  Be aware- I saw one restaurant listed as “not kosher” but on the advertisement it said it was kosher.  Confirm before you purchase.

שבוע האוכל של ישראל


Maariv Gourmet restaurant event- 13-24 Aug 2013

From August 13-24, a large number of gourmet restaurants throughout Israel will be offering a full meal for 89 shekels.  Click on the picture to see the full list of participating restaurants and the menu offered at this price (Hebrew only).  There is an English site which has general information about the restaurants.

“Hachofesh le’echol”- “The eating vacation”- 21-31 July 2013

Looking for a nice meal without spending a lot of money?

From 21-31 July 2013, restaurants all over the country will be offering an appetizer, main dish and dessert for only 84 shekels.

For more details and a list of restaurants (kosher and non-kosher), click here.


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