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Movie Time this Thursday, 22 October 2015- 10 shekel movie tickets!

According to MUM, this is happening throughout the country at all movie theaters.  So far the only reference I found to it was on the Rav Hen and Yes Planet web sites, so if you generally go to another movie theater, call them up and check.  No other sales or discounts are valid this day.  You can order tickets online for an extra 4 shekels.

This Thursday, 24 October 2013- movies are only 10 shekels!

This Thursday is MOVIE TIME – discounted movie tickets throughout all of Israel.  Some theaters will be running on a vacation schedule so check before you go.

Ticket Prices:

  • Regular- 10 shekels
  • 3D- 14 shekels (18 shekels at Yes Planet if you don’t have 3D glasses)
  • IMAX at Yes Planet- 17 shekels
  • IMAX 3D at Yes Planet- 25 shekels
  • 4DX at Yes Planet- 28 shekels
  • 4DX 3D at Yes Planet- 36 shekels

What isn’t included?

VIP rooms, popcorn,and  additional discounts (1+1, soldier, etc)

Who is participating?

  • Cinema City
  • Yes Planet
  • Rav Hen
  • Globus and Globus MAX
  • Lev

Who isn’t participating?

Cinematek and other small theaters

Source: Ynet

Tickets for Smurfs 2 from Shufersal

Shufersal is running a special- purchase 50 shekels worth of Smurfs products and get a free ticket for the new Smurfs 2 movie in movie theaters August 1, 2013.  Tickets good at Yes Planet and Rav Hen.  The deal ends August 5 and you must use the tickets by September 18.

It doesn’t say if  you can get more than one ticket.

You can see all of the Dardasim/Smurfs products at Shufersal’s blog.

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