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WARNING: Colgate toothpaste with unknown safety record

The Ministry of Health is warning the public that there is a certain type of Colgate toothpaste from China and Thailand that has appeared on the market, mainly in East Jerusalem.  This toothpaste is not under supervision of the Ministry of Health and does not have Hebrew labeling as required by the law.  The public is asked not to use this product and to contact the call center at *5400 if you have any questions or concerns.

The Ministry of Health advises the public that there are Colgate products that are under its supervision.  All approved cosmetics and toiletries can be found on the Ministry of Health’s web site.



RECALL: Tivall “Meat” and potatoes meal- Arucha tavshil kafri

The Tivall company is notifying the public that the 900 gram package of “Aruchah Tavshil Kafri” was found to have Listeria in two batches: 41693613 with an expiration date of 18.9.2015 and 41703613 with an expiration date of  19.9.2015.  The public is asked not to eat the product and to call Tivall’s central line at 1-800-760-750 for more information.

Source: Facebook and the Ministry of Health

For more information about listeria, go to the CDC web site.


WARNING: Mommy Care Citronella Spray

The Ministry of Health is warning the public that the citronella spray “Mosquitush” produced by La Creme under the name “Mommy Care” is not approved by the Ministry of Health and is not being manufactured in accordance with the law.

When buying products such as these, the Ministry of Health recommends that you check the list of approved cosmetics and toiletries on their web site before purchasing.




Closure notice given to “Baygeleh shel Saba” in Ashkelon

The Ministry of Health has issued a closure notice to “Baygeleh shel Saba” on 39 Eli Cohen Street in Ashkelon for operating without a license under suboptimal conditions.  The closure is permanent.

Source: Ministry of Health web site

RECALL: San Benedetto Sparkling Water

Tempo is recalling San Benedetto Sparkling Water because it has an unusual odor.

The only products affected have an expiration date of 24 June 2014 with a production code of LA3175S and an expiration date of 25 June 2014 with a production code of LA3176S.

If you have one of these products in your house, you are requested not to consume it.  Please call 1-800-300-370 to receive a replacement item.

For more recalls, go to the Ministry of Health web site.  Note the following items:

  1. There is a recall section in English but items are not posted immediately as in Hebrew..
  2. The first Hebrew section lists products that have been removed from the shelves; the second section are recalls.
  3. There are RSS symbols, but I haven’t been able to get them to work.

Food recalls in Israel- latest update

These are taken from the new Recalls section of the Ministry of Health’s web site:

I posted all recalls of products that still haven’t expired, even though the notice might not have been advertised recently.  Check your shelves!


Have you seen the new Ministry of Health?

Their web site, that is.

Like their new logo?

Finally, on par with other countries around the world, Misrad HaBriut has put a Recall section on their web site. It is located in the Food and Nutrition section, along with relevant legislation and information about various topics, in Hebrew.  There is a limited section in English if needed.

I will add this link to my blogroll and in my next post I will sum up the most recent recalls, but I recommend you check it every once in a while, as well as request that your local newspaper carry these recalls- people need to be made aware of them!


DON’T EAT THIS: Honey that isn’t honey

Misrad HaBriut warns consumers not to eat the following brands of honey because they do not qualify as honey according to the Israeli Standard for honey:

“דבש + שורש זלוע ומזון מלכות”

“דבש יער של חודש מאי, טבעי עם טעם וריח שאי אפשר לחקות”

“דבש טבעי מפרחי בר, משק דבורים שחר”

“דבש דבורים טהור, מיוצר בלעדית עבור סדרת המותג ע”י דבש שלנו” (Yes, HaMutag is Rami Levy’s brand)

The manufacturer of HaMutag honey responded: “The honey tested was manufactured  by only one of many companies used to produce HaMutag honey, and that specific batch was manufactured several years ago (the expiration date is December 2012).”

Pictures of the products:

If you would like to test your honey at home to see if it is real, follow these instructions posted on the blog “Know How of Everything.”

What is used to make imitation honey?  Sugars of different types.

I want to stress that the Ministry of Health is NOT saying that these products are hazardous to your health, just that they are not what they should be.

Source: Arutz 2 and Arutz 7


Like this post?  Then check out Misrad HaBriut’s campaign against fake olive oil.

WARNING: Don’t eat these products

The Ministry of Health is warning consumers not to eat smoked salmon produced by the following companies:

Olam HaDagim:

EXTRA PRODUCT brand smoked salmon produced between September 21-26, 2011 with a use-by date of October 21-26, 2011.  The product is sold in 150 gram packages. 

Beit Dag Delfish:

Cold Smoked Salmon produced on October 2, 2011 with a use-by date of November 2, 2011.  The product is sold in 200 gram packages.

Both of these products were found to have been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, a pathogenic bacteria that can cause abortion and death.   For more information about Listeria monocytogenes, please read the FDA Bad Bug Book or this USDA Fact Sheet.


“Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!”

We have all had that experience when you bring home something to eat, open it up, and find something dreadfully wrong with it.  Whether it is a rat in a loaf of bread, rotten food despite the still-good expiration date, or anything else, sometimes food production can leave the consumer with a few unpleasant surprises.

So who do you complain to when you have a problem with your food?

Of course, this being Israel, it is complicated.

The Ministry of Agriculture surpervises living food animals and products (milk, eggs and honey) until the animal’s death or when the product leaves the “sorting station.”  After that, the Ministry of Health is responsible.  The Ministry of Agriculture is also responsible for supervising the imports of non-processed food of animal origin (beef cuts, shell eggs, etc.)

Within the Ministry of Health, Sherut HaMazon supervises factories, and Briut HaSviva supervises restaurants, supermarkets, and duchanim– temporary food stands.

Within each city or district (moetzah), there is at least one veterinarian, who is responsible (among other things) for inspecting factories, restaurants, etc.  They also inspect of all food of animal origin that enters the city/district from another city/district (bedikat mishne or bedikat trom shivuk).  These veterinarians are hired by the city/district but are supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Got that?

Returning to complaints:

If you want to complain about a food in a restaurant, supermarket, or food stand, you should speak with your city/district veterinarian and the Ministry of Health- Briut HaSviva.  You should, of course, also complain to the place you purchased the item.

If you want to complain about a manufactured food item, you should again speak with your city/district veterinarian and also speak to the local district of Ministry of Health- Sherut HaMazon.

Formal complaints to government offices need to be written.  You can come in to the office and they will help you fill out the paperwork or you can send an email/FAX.  It is extremely helpful if you keep the offending item for laboratory analysis (frozen is OK) as well as the original packaging so the item can be traced.

Where to complain (תלונות):

  • City/district veterinarian- you should call the iriyah and ask to speak with the veterinarian.  Their contact info is also frequently found on the city/district web site.
  • Misrad HaBriut has instituted a contact center to help citizens get better access to the departments they need.  You can call *5400 and your complaint will be directed to the correct department.  Alternatively, you can send a fax to 02-565-5969 or an email to for Sherut HaMazon.  General complaints or questions to Misrad HaBriut should be sent to .  I don’t know if the phone numbers are still vaild, but the contact information for each district office is listed here.

Don’t forget, this is Israel, and the only way to get something accomplished is by being a kartziah (literally, a tick).  Don’t expect an instant answer, but don’t be afraid to keep calling/writing until you get satisfaction.

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