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Lots of new Tnuva coupons- expire 31 July-31 Dec 2014

Print them on Tnuva’s Facebook page or here.  Check to make sure which supermarket chain each coupon in valid for.


New site for Tnuva coupons- expire 31 Aug 2013 – 31 Dec 2013

For those who prefer not to use Facebook- even a dummy account- rejoice!  Tnuva has started posting coupons on their web site.

What is posted now:


Tnuva Karlo coupon- expires 31 Aug 2013

New Karlo spiral puddings coupon- expires 30 June 2013

Lots of Tnuva dairy coupons

If you like Tnuva’s Facebook page, you can print out several coupons for dairy products such as Yoplait yogurt, Shtuzim, Karlo, and Piraeus goat cheese.

All of the coupons are good only in Shufersal and Mega except the Shtuzim coupon which is good everywhere. Make sure to click on which supermarket you want before you print the coupons.


Mega Karlo pudding coupon- expires 31 Aug 2012

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