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Tnuva low-fat Napoleon cream cheese coupon- expires 30 June 2014

You can have the coupon emailed to you or print it out from Tnuva’s Facebook page.  It says the coupon is valid online but I was unable to use it.

New Yoplait, Emek coupons from Tnuva- expire 1 Apr 2014- 31 Dec 2014

You can print them here or from Tnuva’s Facebook page.


Free coffee at Bleecker Bakery – expires 31 Jan 2014

Go to their Facebook page and click on “get offer” to get an email to show in the store for a free coffee.  You do not have to like the page.  You can show the email- it does not say it has to be printed.  Not valid for takeaway, only valid at Petach Tikva branch.

All Bleecker bakeries are kosher under local rabbanut supervision. The Jerusalem store is mehadrin.

‎Bleecker Bakery | בליקר בייקרי | קונדיטוריית בוטיק | מאפים | כשר‎

Shufersal-Strauss coupon- Yotvata products expires 7 Jan 2014

Click on the picture to go to the Facebook page where you can have the coupon sent by email or SMS.  You don’t need to print it if you use the SMS.  Also valid at Shufersal Online.

Shufersal corn shnitzel coupons- expire 6 Jan 2014

These coupons cannot be used online- they must be printed and handed in.  To print the coupons click on the pictures or go to Shufersal’s Facebook page.


Ace coupons- expire 28 Dec 2013

These coupons must be printed.  Click on the coupon to print it here or you can go to Ace’s Facebook page.

Free sample of new Huggies Little Babies diapers

In conjunction with the introduction of their new line of diapers, Little Babies, Huggies is offering a free sample to all who register on their Facebook page or their web site.   On the web site you can get a sample of any type of diapers.

These diapers seem to be equivalent to the Little Snugglers diapers in the US.

100 shekel coupon for Gittabags at Baby Star- expires 7 Dec 2013

Click here to go to the Baby Star web site.  Print the coupon here or from their Facebook page.

ACE coupon – expires 4 Dec 2013

Print the coupon by clicking on the photo.  You have to either bring the printed coupon or show it on your cellphone to get the deal.

Shufersal-Strauss coupon- expires 10 Dec 2013

This week’s Strauss deal is cheese- spend 30 shekels and get 30% off at Shufersal.   Click here to sign up for the deal on Facebook.

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