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Lots of new Tnuva coupons- expire 31 July-31 Dec 2014

Print them on Tnuva’s Facebook page or here.  Check to make sure which supermarket chain each coupon in valid for.


Emek cheese + Osem ketchup = 5 free pitas at Shufersal – expires 25 Nov 2013

I am not sure how great a deal this is, but if you are getting them anyway, you might as well get the free pita.

The offer is valid on Shufersal online- click here to start ordering

Aliyah tip #6- Eat more meat- it’s cheaper!

I have always suspected this while shopping here, which goes against everything I am accustomed to believe.

Rule 1: Meat, especially kosher meat, is very expensive.

Rule 2: Cheese and candy are cheap.

Israel, however, breaks all the rules.

For example, A package of Tnuva Emek light costs 100 shekel/kg, while Tnuva fresh chicken breast costs 29.99 shekels/kg.  Tnuva feta cheese: 106 shekels/kg versus TevaOf premium chicken breast- 54.90 shekels/kg.  The scariest comparison- Bamba costs 119.60 shekels/kg compared to Shufersal fresh boneless beef ribs at 79.99 shekels/kg.

The moral of this story? When shopping, throw away your chutz l’aretz rules.

Source: The Marker

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