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Lots of Tnuva coupons- expire between 30 June 2014- 31 Dec 2014

Go to Tnuva’s Facebook page and print out their new coupons:



New Yoplait, Emek coupons from Tnuva- expire 1 Apr 2014- 31 Dec 2014

You can print them here or from Tnuva’s Facebook page.


Emek cheese coupons- expires 1 Dec 2013

It is cheaper to buy from the ma’adania, but if you don’t have one or the line is too long…

Shufersal Tnuva Emek cheese coupons- expires 1 Dec 2013

Tnuva lowers prices

Right before the holidays, Tnuva announced that it would be permanently lowering prices on many of its dairy products by as much as 15%.

Arik Shor, the CEO of Tnuva stated, “Tnuva listens to the voice of the consumer- we decided to significantly lower the prices of tens of items.  We call on the supermarkets to adopt our recommendations and donate their part to lower prices.”

Some examples of the new lower prices:

A 200 gram package of sliced Emek cheese will now cost 14.58 shekels, reduced from 17.15 shekels.

A 250 gram package of gvina levana will now cost 6.33 shekels, reduced from 7.45 shekels.

Tnuva lowered the price of raw milk by 3.8 agorot per liter.  The price of raw milk  (milk that is sold by the farmers to the dairies) is set by the Ministry of Agriculture.

For a complete list of the new prices, go to Tnuva’s web site (Hebrew).


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