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Turkish eggs found to have pesticide residues

Misrad HaChaklaut announced today that during a routine test of eggs imported from Turkey, they discovered pesticide residues of an amount that is above the legal limit in Israel.  As a result of this, all imports from that region will be tested for pesticide residues before being released for sale.

Did you know that Israel produces 2 billion eggs a year, and that is still not enough to supply the Israeli public? Israel therefore has to import approximately 150 million eggs a year, especially around Pesach and Rosh HaShanah.  For comparison, the United States produces 75 billion eggs per year and Australia produces 392 million dozen.    To date, eggs are imported into Israel from Turkey, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The Misrad HaChaklaut article doesn’t say what pesticide residue was found or whether this has happened before.  It also doesn’t say what happened to the contaminated eggs- there hasn’t been a recall, so where did they go?  Where they held until the test results came back or did we eat those eggs?  Not a pleasant thought.

The Marker shows a different perspective of the countries that export eggs to Israel:

מאיפה מגיעות הביצים המיובאות

They also reminded us of the media storm surrounding the importing of eggs from Turkey in 2012 because in Turkey there is no requirement to vaccinate their chickens for Salmonella, as there is in Israel.  At the same time, a study came out in the Poultry Science journal which showed an incidence of 60% Salmonella positive flocks in Turkey, 70% of which being Salmonella Enteritidis, a particularly pathogenic strain of Salmonella that caused a recall of approximately 500 million eggs in the United States in 2010.  Because of this information, pressure was put on Misrad HaChaklaut to enforce the decades-old law which requires egg sorting stations to label which country eggs are produced in.

For more information about eggs in Israel, check out Aliyah tip #1: Understanding eggs (2015 update)


Around the world: frozen cauliflower


I wasn’t sure if I should post this one or not because either I haven’t had enough sleep or Yisrael HaYom has trouble with math.  Today’s comparison is for 800 grams of frozen cauliflower.  The prices are:

  1. US- 800 grams- 0.97 dollars=5.80 shekels
  2. England- 800 grams- 2.82 pounds=10.96 shekels
  3. Israel- 800 grams- 24.10 shekels

Those prices seem pretty outrageous, but then the article continues to say something different:

  1. US- 567 grams- 2 dollars
  2. Britain- 900 grams- 1.1 pounds

So which is it? Why would 900 grams be 1.1 pounds and 800 grams be 2.82 pounds???  Obviously, the comparisons with Israel are much less exciting with the second set of numbers.

The mathematics get even more complicated, however, when Yisrael HaYom states that the price in Israel is 2.19 times higher than the price in the US and 4.1 times higher than the British price.  That isn’t valid for the original set of numbers but only for the second (barely).   Yellow journalism? Sleep deprivation?  You decide.


Around the world: whole wheat pita

This one was quite surprising.  Not only is the price in the US much higher than anywhere else, but the size of the packages makes the difference even more exaggerated- 396.9 grams in the US and 510 grams in England.  Any thoughts?


Around the world: The price of spreading

Today we are checking out 200 grams of margarine, which is significantly cheaper in the US and England.  The author states that there may be several reasons for this difference: (1) we have an 18% sales tax on margarine and (2) there are generic brands of margarine in the US/UK and not in Israel.

IMG_3360.JPGYisrael HaYom, 26 Nov 2014


Around the world: Chips for a fat price

Whether the chips say “American style” or not, Israeli chips are slightly more expensive than the American french fries.  The UK, however, has the most attractive price- less than half the Israeli price.


Source: Yisrael HaYom 24 Nov 2014


Going to the Israel- Bosnia Herzegovina soccer game 16 Nov 2014?

If you are planning to go to the game this Sunday, take the train and get 50% off your ticket price!

Go to Fanzone (you have to register with a name, email address, and phone number) to download the voucher.  When they ask you what team you are rooting for, click on “ליגת העל” and then “ישראל”.

The Milky Wars instigator closes up shop and returns to Israel

Only a week after he was “outed” as the person who posted the now famous Milky receipt, Naor Narkis has announced that he shut down his “Olim L’Berlin” Facebook page and will be moving back to Israel within a month.

His last post speaks of his love of Israel and his optimism that things can change for the better:


This sudden about-face is fodder for the conspiracy theorists.  Did the Israeli government pay him off?  Was he offered a job at Tnuva?  Was it all a plan to remove Yair Lapid as a potential candidate in the next elections?  Whatever his motive, it seems that the Milky Wars are being filed away- at least until the next elections.

Source: Yisrael HaYom

How Israelis are beating the high cost of living

Did you catch the Times of Israel blog post by Kenny Sahr?

If not, I wanted to bring to your attention the three places he recommends for online shopping:

1. Deal Extreme– this is the mecca for cheap (I really mean cheap) non-name versions of all electronics and accessories.  If you don’t care if it is not a brand name, or is a copy of a brand name, and you want low prices with free shipping to Israel, check it out.  I am more of a high-quality long-lasting purchase kind of person, especially after my experience with defective $1 iPhone USB cables, but to each his own.  They are insanely popular among Israelis.

2. Book Depository– This site has a huge selection of English books and shipping is free to Israel.  The prices area few (i.e. 3-5) dollars more than Amazon, and they don’t have used books, but otherwise they have excellent quality and relatively fast shipping.  I love this site.

3. Alibaba– Another Chinese warehousing site- some of which ships free to Israel.  You can buy everything from rice to machinery to toys to clothing to furniture.  I don’t know what passes through customs and what doesn’t and according to Kenny not all items have free shipping to Israel.  I have never purchased anything here.

Strawberry prices around the world

Yisrael HaYom has a cute item in the paper comparing prices of different items in the US, UK and Israel.  Most of the time, Israel does not come out the cheapest, but sometimes we do:


500 grams of strawberries costs 15 shekels, in Israel, 22.16 shekels in England, and 19.36 shekels in the US.

Which one tastes the best? I will leave that for you to decide.

Source– Yisrael HaYom, 22 Dec 2013


Zipper bags have come to Israel!

One of the hardest things about cooking for the freezer  in Israel is the lack of freezer bags.  The Israeli brand is not worth purchasing and Ziploc bags have become the one thing I ask people to bring from the US.

Diamond brand, however, has just introduced zipper storage bags!

True, they aren’t as thick as freezer bags, but it is a great step up and I am sure they will keep the food pretty well- the food will probably have a shorter shelf life than freezer bags, though.

I have not seen any in stores yet, so if you have please let us know!

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