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Around the world: frozen cauliflower


I wasn’t sure if I should post this one or not because either I haven’t had enough sleep or Yisrael HaYom has trouble with math.  Today’s comparison is for 800 grams of frozen cauliflower.  The prices are:

  1. US- 800 grams- 0.97 dollars=5.80 shekels
  2. England- 800 grams- 2.82 pounds=10.96 shekels
  3. Israel- 800 grams- 24.10 shekels

Those prices seem pretty outrageous, but then the article continues to say something different:

  1. US- 567 grams- 2 dollars
  2. Britain- 900 grams- 1.1 pounds

So which is it? Why would 900 grams be 1.1 pounds and 800 grams be 2.82 pounds???  Obviously, the comparisons with Israel are much less exciting with the second set of numbers.

The mathematics get even more complicated, however, when Yisrael HaYom states that the price in Israel is 2.19 times higher than the price in the US and 4.1 times higher than the British price.  That isn’t valid for the original set of numbers but only for the second (barely).   Yellow journalism? Sleep deprivation?  You decide.


Around the world: whole wheat pita

This one was quite surprising.  Not only is the price in the US much higher than anywhere else, but the size of the packages makes the difference even more exaggerated- 396.9 grams in the US and 510 grams in England.  Any thoughts?


Olympic fever

No, this post isn’t food related, but I can’t resist- I must have been bitten by Olympic fever- have you?

Valeriia Maksiuta of Israel


If watching the Olympics makes you consider a journey to England, The Lonely Planet is offering the Stratford and East London section from their England travel book for free!  It is updated for 2012.

Click here to download the free pdf.

This free pdf is offered through The Book Depository, and online bookseller based in England with free shipping to Israel.  If you prefer to access the link directly from The Book Depository, click here.

If you are already in England, why not travel over to France?  Lonely Planet is also offering a mini-ebook “Cycling in the Pyrenees” through The Book Depository.  Click here to downlod the pdf.

There IS a reason to cry over spilled milk

Yisrael Hayom is running a very cute and to-the-point pictorial comparing prices of various food items in the US, England, and Israel.

Today: A 2 liter plastic container of 3% milk

United States- 7.4 shekels

England- 8.8 shekels

Israel- 12.79 shekels 

חלב 2 ליטר

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