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Huge Purim costume sale 26-28 Feb 2015

Frenzy Fun and Toys in Herzliya and MUM have joined to have a crazy costume sale- 49.90 shekels on every costume in the store and 30% off all accessories!  For more information use the contact info at the bottom of the ad.

For more information on frugal costume shopping, go to my previous post here.  You can get the latest Toys ‘R Us coupon here as well:

Frugal costume shopping UPDATED COUPON 19 Feb 2015

That time when all children get to live out their fantasy for one day is just around the corner.  Whether they dream of being Elza, Spiderman, or a chayal, costume shopping in Israel is one of my most stressful experiences.  On the one hand, it is best to start early to get the best selection and less crowds.  On the other hand, my children are notorious for changing their mind a week beforehand leaving us stuck with either an extra unused costume or a really angry child.  The advertisements are out now, so if you are successful in pinning down your child to one costume, I would say purchase it now.

Costumes are not cheap.  If you are adept at sewing or more creative than I am, a homemade costume is the most frugal option.  I had one of those creative friends in chul who was also not Jewish so we were able to use her kids’ Halloween costumes on Purim.  The chances of that happening in Israel are slim to none, but you can try and organize a local swap in your neighborhood or look on Facebook for a Purim Costume Swap group such as this one in Modiin.

For those of us who must buy costumes, here are some of the options:


  1. Aliexpress has free shipping to Israel and almost a million costumes.  Shipping can take anywhere from a week to a month so check carefully before you buy.
  2. A search on eBay for costumes with free international shipping shows some great options but again, check shipping.  The costume has to be here by March 4.
  3. Costume Kingdom in the US will also ship worldwide.  Their International Standard Shipping starts at $12.95.
    The First Class shipping will arrive in 15-25 days and will not be traceable online, To qualify for Standard Air shipping, your shopping total must be $75 or less, and weigh no more than 4 pounds. International Express Shipping is $29.95 for the first pound, each additional pound is $4.  Express Mail will arrive in approx 5-8 business days with full online tracking. Please make sure you if you need your package fast to select Express Mail.
  4. For something a little closer to home, check out Tilboshet.  Quick Box is 9.90 shekels, registered mail is 15 shekels or you can pick up your order from their warehouse in Petach Tikva.  

In person:

  1. Toys R Us has coupons listed below that expire tomorrow 4 Feb 2015.  There will definitely be more  coming up, so get their app (Google/iTunes) or go to their Facebook page to get more.  
  2. Idan 2000 is known for their low prices on costumes but they also have outlets is some stores where you can buy last year’s costumes for 10-50 shekels.  Unfortunately they don’t advertise which stores have an outlet but you can call your local branch and ask.  They also open an “Ir Tachposot” in the hangar at Tzomet Kastina which will also have very low prices.  
  3. Shoshi Zohar is unique in that they also have costumes for the dati public.  You can see all of their costumes on their web site.  They also have a factory outlet in Holon for even lower prices.  
  4. Beit HaTza’atzuim has stores in Talpiot and Jerusalem but it is not clear from their web site if one can buy costumes there.  Shipping is 20 shekels for registered mail and 44 shekels for express mail.
  5. For a store that looks like it has truly huge selection, check out Purim boo in Tel Aviv.

Are there any good deals near you?  Pass them on!
Update: new Toys ‘R Us costume coupons:




Latest Toys ‘R Us coupon- expires 25 Feb 2015:


Toys R’ Us Purim costume coupons- expire 21 Jan 2015

If your kids are absolutely sure they know what they want to be for Purim (mine change their minds every five minutes), take advantage of these coupons and beat the pre-Purim rush.

A Happy Little Purim (Pesach Mission #0)

Tomorrow is Purim Katan and Yom Ahava- also known as Valentine’s Day.  That calls for a celebration!

Normally I start the pre-Pesach missions on Shushan Purim.  This year we have an extra month to prepare and be relaxed about it.  I especially need the extra time this year- I will be out of the country for a week in March and have a big project due around that time.

The point of the Pesach missions are to help you get organized.  How does being organized save money?  By being organized, you are prepared.  If you are prepared, you can purchase Pesach foods when prices are low and you have time to cook healthy food instead of running out and buying expensive takeaway.

Back to the mission.  Your Purim Katan mission is to open your closets, refrigerators and freezers.  Take an inventory of your chametz.  If you don’t already have a theme for your mishloach manot, see if you can come up with one based on the chametz you have in your house.  If you have a lot of flour, you can make mini challot or muffins.  Too much cereal?  Buy a nice bowl, put cereal in a bag into the bowl, add a spoon and a small carton of UHT milk for a cute kids snack.  For some reason, I have a lot of falafel mix in the house, so a good mishloach manot would be homemade pita, falafel, chumus, a tomato and a cucumber.  The point is not to shove your chametz onto someone else but to take what you have and make it worthy of a gift.  

You might notice that my suggestions don’t include junk food.  We really don’t need it and if you have kids, you will get and give  plenty anyway.  I don’t know about you, but I am running around like crazy doing all the things we do on Purim and I never have time to make a quick healthy meal.  Therefore I am  grateful when someone gives me a mishloach manot like the ones listed above (which are all real gifts I received over the years).  If you have any other suggestions, please let me know!  For more ideas, check out Kosher on a Budget’s list of 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas.

One final remark: Now is the time that all of the regular products that you buy will start having KLP hashgacha on them and  NOW is the time to buy these items- when they are cheap and/or on sale. For example, these are the products I bought on sale this week from Shufersal that are KLP (products labeled as having kitniyot have a K):

  • Beit HaShita pickles
  • Shufersal Apple Nectar
  • Heirloom Farms baby corn (K)
  • Green Giant canned corn (K)
  • Starkist tuna, several varieties (K)
  • Sanfrost frozen broccoli
  • Shufersal frozen Brussels sprouts
  • Shufersal extra fine frozen peas (K)

In addition, most (if not all) packaged fresh meat is already KLP.

Those who do not eat kitniyot will have a much harder time finding  KLP products early, just as you do right before Pesach.  It seems that the companies prefer to write that there might be kitniyot because it is easier than ensuring they don’t.  If you always wanted to be Sephardi, are not too attached to the kitniyot tradition or are just curious, I recommend you check out the Kitniyot Liberation Front Facebook pageblog and articles written about them.  Their argument is more about Jewish unity and less about kitniyot.

The other thing to keep in mind is that there are only 8 1/2 weeks until Pesach.  Now is also the time to STOP buying chametz that you won’t use up in 7-8 weeks.  If you plan your dinners in advance,  figure out when to serve those 8 packages of corn shnitzel or 12 bags of pasta.  If you can’t do it without a revolution on your hands, donate the extras now.

If you can’t wait until Shushan Purim for the first mission, click here.

Purim costumes without the stress

If you are like me, you dread facing the crowds of pushy parents trying to get the best costume for their kids for Purim.  By the time you finally find the costumes they like, it is the wrong size, ripped, or otherwise unusable, and then the tantrums begin.

This year, you can shop for costumes in the comfort of your own home on the Tilboshet web site.  They have everything from Angry Birds to Achashverosh and from clowns to Queen Esther.  Shipping is free.  You must order by 1 Feb and delivery takes 21 days (Erev Purim is March 15).  Prices range from 50 shekels to 119 shekels, with most between 79-99 shekels.

If you are looking for some ideas for birthday presents, they also have my favorite FoxMind games such as Rat-a-tat-cat (חתתול), Sleeping Queens (חלומות), Spot It (דאבל), and Jungle Speed (ג’ונגל ספיד).



Yes, I said Pesach!

I know it is January, but believe it or not, Peach will be here in 9 weeks!

That means it is time to do some long-term planning.

Go into your freezers, your pantries, and your drawers.  Don’t forget your safe room.  If you are like me you might be surprised to find 6 or 7 bags of pasta plus other assorted chametz.

That means that you need to start planning meals if you don’t already.  How many pasta dishes could your family tolerate in a week?  Spread them out.  Start thinking about your Purim seudah (5 weeks away)- maybe make that special orzo salad.  Don’t forget Shabbat-this is the perfect time to serve Grandma’s noodle kugel.

If you freeze food in bulk, make an inventory of what you have and estimate how long it will last.  Start clearing space to put in already KLP items that you see on sale, like fresh meat.

Be wary of buying any more chametz- expecially when the stores mark everything down to reduce their inventory.  Look out for KLP items and stock up now.  I just found Tnuva butter has a KLP stamp already.  If you find other items, please post!

It’s cheaper to make mishloach manot at Rami Levy

From The Marker:

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sale

Go to the following Ben & Jerry’s stores in costume on the dates listed and you will receive an extra scoop of ice cream on your purchase!

Yavneh- 6 March- 10 March

Beer Tuvia- 6 March- 9 March

Mega coupon for toffees- just in time for mishloach manot

Great Shufersal sales going on now!


I don’t know whether they are cleaning out the store for Pesach or trying to attract Purim shoppers, but there are some great deals at Shufersal now.  Plan your Purim seudah now and save some money!

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