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Misrad HaBriut and Misrad HaChinuch: Don’t reuse egg containers for crafts

Misrad HaBriut publicized new recommendations this week in response to the increased reuse of egg containers for crafts.  Because of the known presence of Salmonella bacteria  in eggs (particularly on the egg shell) and because it is impossible to sufficiently clean egg containers to destroy Salmonella, Misrad HaBriut recommends not to reuse egg containers.  Misrad HaChinuch has adopted this recommendation and forbids the reuse of egg containers in educational institutions.

Misrad HaBriut expands the recommendation of Misrad HaChinuch to include rehabilitation centers, old age homes, hospitals, and psychiatric centers.

You can read the directive on the Misrad HaBriut web site (Hebrew).

For more information about reducing your risk of Salmonella from eggs, go to the CDC web site.

אין להשתמש בתבניות ביצים משומשות מחשש להמצאות סלמונלה בתבניות

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