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Food News Roundup – 25 June 2014

The Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv is offering two new specials in their restaurants: Friday all you can eat buffet brunch for only 97 shekels and a business lunch for 130 shekels per person including a glass of wine and free parking.  The hotel is located on 99 HaYarkon Street overlooking the sea.  The hotel states that the restaurants are kosher but confirm before going.  For more information, call 03-5202424 or go to their web site.

Travelling to exotic locations this summer? Stocking up your emergency pantry? Consider Chef HaDerech meals- 8 different fish, meat and vegetarian meals that do not need to be refrigerated and come with their own heating packet.  They have a shelf life of 3 years thanks to a special technology that preserves the quality of the meal.  The meals are kosher under the hashgacha of Badatz Beit Yosef and cost between 29 and 32 shekels.  You can purchase them online or in Richochet, Sonol gas station stores, and many other stores listed here.

It is official: milk and dairy products will be more 8% more expensive starting in July.  This includes price-controlled products.  The reason?  The price of food for cattle, sheep and goats has increased.

A war has been waged on the airport restaurants by Yisrael HaYom because of their incredibly high prices compared with other branches of the same store.  For example, a small cappuccino at Aroma in the airport costs 15 shekels but in any other branch costs 8 shekels (takeaway) and a slice of pizza at Pizza Hut costs 18 shekels in the airport and 13 shekels in any other branch.  The stores claim that the prices are higher because it costs more to have a branch in the airport- the costs are higher for security, rent, and maintenance.  The knesset debated this issue and decided that the airport authority has to present a proposal to have some sort of price supervision over four products- coffee, baked goods, sandwiches, and drinks.  In the future, all stores will have to agree to the price regulation in their contract.  Source

Coffee wars: Coffee Express branches will now be selling Lavazza coffee for only 4 shekels (5 shekels for coffee with soy milk).  They also have pasta, fruit shakes, and ice cream for 5 shekels.  They currently have two stores- one by Londonminister in Tel Aviv and one in Ramat Gan by the Bursa and plan to open another 8 stores.  Both are kosher under the Rabbanut of Tel Aviv.  For more info go to their web site.   Ikea has also joined the coffee wars: in the Netanya and Rishon stores, you can get a small coffee for 4 shekels, but in their new store in Kiryat Ata you will be able to get all you can drink coffee for 8 shekels.  Source  If you are looking for something besides coffee, you can get 5 shekel falafel at Felafel Dror in Tel Aviv.  It is listed as kosher mehadrin.  Source

Something new to do on Chanukah

It is almost warm enough to go to the beach, but your mind tells you you can’t- it is December.  If you haven’t figured out what you are doing yet this week, here are some ideas.

Niyar Hadera Paper Factory

At the visitor’s center you can learn about the history of paper, paper recycling, see part of the manufacturing process, work with paper in a creative project and more.  Activities are for families with children ages 6 and up (must show teudat zehut).  Reservations must be made in advance.

The tour is approximately 90 minutes.  Cost- 20 shekels per person (discounts for groups of 20+ people).  You will be asked to bring paper or carton for recycling.  Open 9am-5pm Sunday-Thursday.

To make a reservation, call 04-6349749/85 or email

Address: 14 Friedlander Street, North Azor Taasiah, Hadera



Not a place but a web site with lots of coupons for all sorts of attractions. Don’t go anywhere without checking them out first.


You don’t have to go to shop- go have a cheap tasty meal and enjoy the free kids activities listed below.

HaTachana (Tel Aviv)

Every day there is a free show and at 4:30 there is candle lighting and free sufganiot sponsored by Chabad.  There are other activities as well- mechanical horses for 10 shekels, makeup, crafts and more.  For more information click here for Hebrew (detailed) and here for English (abbreviated).

Bio Tour

If you are up near Beit Shean, stop at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu for a tour of their organic agriculture and learn about their special techniques that make them world-renowned in the field.  Tours on Chanukah run from 10:30am-1:30pm.  There is a morning tour on Friday.  You can add a tasting workshop to the tour as well for 25 shekels.  For more information check out their web site.  To schedule a tour call 04-6096986.

Peace Festival

If you are looking to get in touch with your inner hippie, go to HaYarkon Park this week.  There will be lots of activities for kids and adults as well as places to put your tent if you wish to sleep over.  For more information go to their Facebook page.

Magic Festival

Kenyon Ir Yamim in Netanya will be hosting free magic shows and workshops in magic throughout the week (Dec 2-4) from 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm.  The central magic show will be at 6:30pm.  There is no charge.  For more information click here.

Gaming Festival

Kenyon Azrielli in Tel Aviv together with Microsoft is turning the mall into a giant XBOX.  The games are out and free to use so have fun!  Activities are from 11am-2pm and 4pm-7pm.


BIG Festival

If you can’t decide between magic and gaming, go to the BIG FASHION mall in Beit Shemesh or the BIG FASHION DANILOF in Tiveria.  There you will find magic shows and all sorts of gaming- electronic (XBOX, Wii, etc) and not (air hockey, snooker, etc)- available and free to use.  At 5pm there will be candle lighting and distribution of free sufganiot.  For more information click here (Beit Shemesh) or here (Tiveria)

Awesome deal at Ikea for Isracard holders- expires 30 Nov 2013

If you have an Isracard, you can get a great deal at Ikea- 100 shekels off your purchase of 300 shekels or more.

Valid at Rishon L’zion and Netanya stores.

To get the deal, go to Isracard’s web site.

איקאה 2

Fun activities for kids at IKEA this August

Ikea highchair recall

כיסא אוכל לילדים, איקאה

IKEA has announced that the ANTILOP chair has a problem with the straps, and is asking for all those who purchased the chair to bring it back to have the straps changed.

To return the chair, please call *35832 or 09-8928888, or bring it to the service desk at the Rishon L’Tzion branch of IKEA.

Source: The Marker

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