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Two months free delivery from Mega online

If you haven’t tried Mega online shopping, here is a good opportunity to try it out- use the code “first” and get two months shipping for free.  Go to their web site to see what else is on sale this week.

Kosher turkey bacon has come to Israel!

Turkey bacon, the healthy alternative to pork bacon in chul, has arrived in Israel and is now kosher!  It has no artificial colors, no trans fat, no MSG and is gluten free.   Fry it for a few minutes and it is ready to eat.  You can find Of Tov turkey bacon in Shufersal and Mega (currently out of stock) supermarkets.  For a 5 shekel coupon, go to Of Tov’s Facebook page.  The current price is 13.80 shekels according to My Supermarket.

Mega online delivery for only 10 shekels- expires 28 Aug 2013

Win an iPad mini from Coca Cola and Mega- expires 10 Aug 2013

I am not a big fan of these contests- maybe because I have rotten luck or maybe because I am too cynical.

However, I am not going to let my negativity influence this blog!

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Buy a 3-pack of mini Coca Cola at Mega.
  2. Call 03-3724702, tell them the code printed on your receipt and answer three questions.
  3. You will then find out if you won a mini fridge and a mini iPad.  One prize given out per day, not on Shabbat.

Free cookbook for kids from Mega

Go to Mega’s Facebook page to print out recipes for easy-to-make foods for kids.  They aren’t all desserts!

Mega Super Sales 23-29 July 2013

Fun Free Activities for kids at Mega 24 July-9 Aug

Keep the whining under control while shopping at Mega with games, arts and crafts and more!

Mega coupons for your pets- expires 31 July 2013


Meshek Tzuriel discount card- expires 30 Sept 2013

Fill in your contact information at Meshek Tzuriel’s web site to receive a 25% off discount card good at Shufersal and Mega supermarkets.

Discount tickets to Luna Park from Mega- expires 15 July 2013

Print this coupon and bring it to Mega Bool/Mega BaIr and you can purchase up to 5 tickets for 37 shekels each.

Tickets are valid 18 July- 31 July from 4pm-10pm.  Not valid on Friday.


Barcode number 7290009257359

Coupon code 9257359

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