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Tzomet Sefarim English Book Fair 1-12 April 2015

Well, it doesn’t ACTUALLY say that the books are in English, but the fair is at ZOA house so I have to assume they are…

Free children/youth book at Tzomet Sefarim

I haven’t checked this out in the store but it appears that Tzomet Sefarim is selling grape juice and you get a book free when you buy a bottle.  Or maybe you bring a receipt from a supermarket- someone posted that exact question on their Facebook page but didn’t get an answer yet.

Books for Children/youth are 50 % off at Tzomet Sefarim – expires 31 Dec 2014

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50% off coupon for Tzoment Sefarim- expires very soon!

Bigdeal is offering selling 60 shekel vouchers for Tzomet Sefarim for only 30 shekels!  You can use the voucher to purchase sale items.  Voucher expires 12 Dec 2014.  You can buy as many vouchers as you like, but you can only use one voucher per person per day.  You cannot purchase school books, newspapers, encyclopedias, or gift cards with a voucher.  You will not get a zikui (not sure if they mean cash back or another voucher) if you only use part of the voucher.  Valid at all Tzomet Sefarim stores.

צומת ספרים, שובר פתוח

Saving money on school supplies- Part 2

My luck is such that a few days after I post about saving money on school supplies, Ynet writes an article as well. Ynet reiterates what I said previously- that Israelis are too concerned with the war to worry about school supplies.  Those that are buying are buying only the essentials and a smaller amount than usual.  Stores such as Office Depot and Kfar Shaashuim are reporting decreased sales of 20-30% but Kravitz is reporting a decrease only in the South of approximately 15%.

When a representative from Kravitz was interviewed regarding the store’s reputation as being much more expensive than their competitors, he said that you can spend 4 shekels on a marker in Kravitz that is German quality and has approval from Machon HaTkanim (The Israeli Standards Institute) or go to the competition and spend 3 shekels on a marker that doesn’t work or states on the label that it is only for adults, which means it does not have approval from Machon HaTkanim.  It is obvious what is the more appropriate product.

A representative from Idan 2000 is also seeing decreased sales throughout the country.  People aren’t interested in going out and wandering around- in the South and in places like Rishon and Rechovot people aren’t leaving their houses at all.  In the North, people are caught up in the whole atmosphere of the country at war.

What does this mean for consumers?  Well, school will come at the end of August, war or no war.  The stores will have to get rid of their merchandise, so if the war is still going on, retailers will have to make an extra effort to make their products move out of the store.  That means big sales.  So don’t feel pressure to get anything done right now- time is on your side.

As an aside, Yisrael HaYom started posting the Kravitz coupon we all wait for each year- 50 shekels off a 150 shekel purchase.  Unfortunately I am not able to post each morning it appears in the paper, but you can go to their web site and read the paper early to see if it has a coupon.  You can also have it emailed to you early in the morning- sign up on their web site.  As far as I know you have to use the original print coupon- not one you print on the computer.  They also have coupons on other products but the deals aren’t usually that exciting.

If you really want to start shopping or are stuck home for whatever reason, check out my blog post about Tilboshet– the online store for 100% cotton school shirts.  Never go by the regular price- check for their current sales, which are listed below.

You can also order school books online from Tzomet Sefarim and pick them up in your local store when they arrive.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come in.  In the meantime, keep safe and stay strong. Mi Ka’amcha Yisrael?


School supplies- just be Israeli

I was reading a Facebook post by someone about how much she spent on school supplies.  While most of my readers know that is is essential to plan ahead for most events in order to save money, that doesn’t mean we should be buying in advance.  All of us have seen the humus for a shekel before Yom Ha’Atzmaut and free fish heads when you buy gefilte fish before Rosh Hashana.  Those deals, however, come out right before the holidays, in sync with Israeli time which is notoriously last minute.  Although up to now I have seen some used book sales here and there, most of the Israeli population is more concerned with Tzav 8 and entertaining their kids since camps are over.  The last two weeks of August when most people are on vacation is when the shopping will be in full force.  There are one or two coupons coming out now, mainly for backpacks such as this Kravitz one:

Read the fine print: you must spend 99 shekels on office supplies from the 2013 collection.  Must print this coupon and present it when purchasing.  Expires 27 July 2014.

Here is another backpack coupon:

קליק למעבר לדף המבצע

Read the fine print:  You have to have an Egged Rav Kav.  Click on the picture for more information.

Good deals on school supplies haven’t come out yet and won’t for a while. However, it is a good idea to start getting a copy of Yisrael HaYom, which posts Kravitz coupons regularly towards the end of the summer.  You should also get acquainted with your local haredi neighborhood general store and ask when they will start stocking school supplies.  Prices are on a whole cheaper in haredi neighborhoods but I would be cautious when buying super cheap products other than paper goods because they may not last as long as more expensive items.

There are a lot more tips in a previous blog post I wrote last year- check it out!  One tip I learned after I wrote that post was the ability to purchase used books through Tzomet Sefarim. Check your local store to see if they do a buy back or not.  You can also email in your school book list to Tzomet Sefarim, pick up the books at your local store and avoid the long lines.  Don’t forget to check back here for more coupons as they come out!

Online shopping at Tzomet Sefarim

As you know, I am always looking for ways to save time and money, and online shopping is one of my favorites.  Did you know that there is an online Tzomet Sefarim store?  Yes, the web site is in Hebrew, but there are a lot of books in English as well.  If you spend 50 shekels, you get free shipping!

The English book deals right now include (click on the picture to see the books on sale):

For a complete list of English books, click here.

One deal you can only get in the stores right now is a free box of Cheerios when you by two children/youth books.

To be honest, you will get a much better English book selection (and free shipping) from The Book Depository but if your children read in Hebrew, it is worth it to check out the Hebrew books and you can always add on a 20 shekel book for yourself.

Tzomet Sefarim allows you to fax/email in your school book list and pick it up in your local store; I don’t know if they will be willing to mail them with free shipping- that would be a great deal!

Tnuva shoko coupon and 10 shekel books at Tzomet Sefarim- expires 30 Nov 2013

Use this coupon to buy Tnuva chocolate milk and there will be a coupon attached to purchase a book for 10 shekels at Tzomet Sefarim.  Be forewarned- this deal is usually good for specific books, not any book in the store.

Print your shoko coupon here

50% off Tzomet Sefarim voucher from Baligam- expires in a few days!

The Tzomet Sefarim voucher is back at Baligam– 50 shekels worth of merchandise for only 25 shekels!

  • Voucher good from now until 20 Nov 2013.
  • Can be used on sale items.
  • Buy as many vouchers as you want but you can only use one per purchase.
  • Not valid at yeridim (fairs).
  • Will not give cash back if the voucher is not used in its entirety.

Free Carta world atlas from Tzomet Sefarim- expires 15 Feb 2013

If you are going to the Jerusalem International Book Fair this week, print out a coupon for a free copy of Carta’s World Atlas from the Tzomet Sefarim stand.

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