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Milkys found not to have real chocolate

Two class action lawsuits have been settled today against Strauss, stating that they cannot label Milky as “chocolate” if the ingredients do not include chocolate as defined by Israeli Standard 36.

According to Israeli Standard 1145, if the name of a food “shows off”a certain ingredient or if there is a picture of that ingredient, the manufacturer must list the percentage of that ingredient in the list of ingredients.  In addition, the Standard says that the name of a food must be accurate and able to be proven.  Therefore only if there is chocolate as defined by the Israeli Standard in the ingredients can you write that the product has chocolate in it.  Otherwise you have to write “chocolate flavor-בטעם שוקולד”.

This is the current Milky label:

הכיתוב הישן. מילקי שוקולד (ובקטן: "בטעם שוקולד") (צילום: אדר טל)

(הכיתוב הישן. מילקי שוקולד (ובקטן: “בטעם שוקולד”) (צילום: אדר טל


As you can see, it does says b’taam shokolad, but only under the large words “Shokolad”.

This is the new label:

הכיתוב החדש: כיתוב עקבי: "בטעם שוקולד" (צילום: עידו ארז)

(הכיתוב החדש: כיתוב עקבי: “בטעם שוקולד” (צילום: עידו ארז

Here there is no gigantic “Shokolad”,only the words “b’taam shokolad” the same size as the rest of the labeling.

Strauss’s punishment from the court was having to change the label and to donate 300,000 shekels worth of dairy products to charitable organizations- specifically HaEmek hospital or an equivalent organization that has no previous connection with Strauss.

What do you think of this lawsuit?  Ridiculous or righteous?  Before you answer, take a look at another very famous “chocolate” item:

Wait- that isn’t Hershey’s CHOCOLATE syrup, it is Hershey’s syrup with “genuine chocolate flavor”.

So Israel apparently isn’t the only country who distinguishes between real chocolate and chocolate flavor.  The “punishment” as it is ends up being relatively free advertising for the Strauss so I don’t think they will be too distressed over this verdict.

In other frivolous chocolate lawsuit news, a court ruled that Osem, General Mills, Vita, and Maimons can still call their product “kadoorei shokolad- כדורי שוקולד” and not “kadoorim b’taam shokolad- כדורים בטעם שוקולד”.  Thank goodness for that!

Source: Ynet, Ynet, GAIN Report, Israel Standard Institute Amendment 6 and 7

Ritter sport chocolate coupon- expires 30 Oct 2013

Ornat Chocolate Factory Tour voucher- expires tomorrow!

Babetov is offering a deal on a chocolate tour at Ornat Chocolates in Kadima- 64 shekels for four people!  The tour also includes a short video and a chocolate workshop where you take home chocolate samples.

The voucher is good until 10 October 2013 but check before purchasing what dates are available- as of now for Sukkot there are two times open on 24 September.  Children 6 and over are welcome.

Kosher under the supervision of Rabbanut Kadima and Chatam Sofer Petach Tikva.

Elite Splendid chocolate coupon- expires 30 Apr 2013

Elite low calorie chocolates coupon- expires 31 Dec 2013

Elite chocolate coupon- expires 1 Sept 2012

Super Pharm 8 shekel Happy Sale

Click on this link to see all of the items on sale.

Some things you can get for 8 shekels include:

3 Mars brand candy bars

2 bags of Klik

2 packages of Must gum

2 bars of Elite chocolate

2 Pesek Zman bars

Expires 18 January 2012.

Mister Zol’s 8 shekel sale

Mister Zol jumps in with the big guys this week with their 8 shekel sale- for 8 shekels you can get:

  1. 2 containers of Prigat juice
  2. Elite candle box with chocolate
  3. 3 cans of Blu
  4. 2 Elite chocolate bars
  5. 2 packages of napkins
  6. 2 bags of flour or semolina
  7. 2 bags of couscous
  8. 1 bag of B&B’s new flat pretzels

They are also advertising activities in the store for kids as well as candle lighting.

Sale ends 31 Dec 2011.

Chocolate for a bitter price

Hershey’s, Elite, Cadbury- everyone has their favorite. Lindt Excellence is world renowned for its excellent taste as well.

Since Lindt is manufactured in Switzerland, the US and England, being importers of this chocolate as well, should also pay a premium price. Despite that, Israelis pay 15.30 shekels a bar, while Americans pay 8.90 shekels and the English pay 10.60 shekels.

Why such a difference in price? The Israeli importer responds: “The price difference is primarily due to the costs to import it under refrigeration as well as the cost to market it locally.”


Strauss’s very sweet coupon

Spend 50 shekels on Elite products and get 20 shekels back at Shufersal Sheli and Shufersal Deal.

Click on Strauss’s  Facebook page to sign up and have the coupon sent by SMS or email (no charge for the SMS).

Make sure to check the list of which products are eligible for the sale.

Coupon valid until November 8, 2011.

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