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Two Free Nestea Mugaz coupon- expires 10 October 2015!!!!!

Free YOLO pudding coupon- expires 30 September 2015

Valid only at Yochananof, Yaynot Bitan, Tiv Taam in the city, Tiv Taam.

Coupon for free YOLO pudding- expires 2 May 2015

Click on the coupon to print.

הדפסת קופון

Free Tavlinon booklet of herbs and spices in Israel

Gems in Israel is giving away their informative booklet describing all of the herbs and spices in Israel, including those commonly used for tea.  Click on this link to access the pdf file.

If you have never heard of Gems in Israel, they have an article archive with delightful insights on tours and trips off the beaten path in Israel.  They also run custom private tours in Israel.

Recommended Sukkot Activity- Modiin International Circus Festival

From October 12-14 Modiin will once again host the International Circus Festival.  For three nights you can stroll through the parks and streets of Modiin and catch all sorts of free circus acts, magic tricks and all around entertainment while snacking on a myriad of foods for sale.  In addition, there are shows during the day for a fee which are also quite exciting.  There is ample parking on the outskirts of the city and shuttle buses running frequently in to and out of the performance area.

For more information, go to Modiinfo or the Modiinapp.

Discount tickets can be purchased from the following sites:

Isracard– 50 shekels per show.

Leumi card– Cabaret Circus Kibali tickets can be purchased for 56 shekels each.

Leumi card– Action Reaction Circus tickets for 54 shekels each.

Bravo– Action Reaction Circus tickets for 65 shekels each.

פסטיבל מודיעין הבינלאומי לקרקס בישראל

Ashdod residents get a free movie at Globus Max

Globus Max in the C Mool mall in Ashdod is offering 25 shekel tickets for residents of the South but residents of Ashdod can see a movie for free!  Must bring TZ that shows residency.  You can order tickets in advance.  Make sure the deal is still valid before ordering.  The movie theaters are in protected areas.  For more information go to Globus Max’s Facebook page

Freebies for residents under fire and those who want to support them

The South is still under fire but more and more companies and organizations are reaching out to help those in need.  Here are some of the latest offers for residents of the South plus several for the entire country. You must show proof of residence to get the deals offered to the Southern residents.

(1) Interested in wearing your support for Tzahal?  Runy, the online shoe store is offering a  free silicone bracelet when you email them with your name, telephone number, email, and address to send the bracelet to.  Email:

For more information go to their Facebook page.

(2) Looking for a way to cheer up someone’s Shabbat?  The online flower store Zer4U is offering a 30% discount on flower orders from one of their stores in the South only to residents of the South only.  Click here to get a list of their branches.


(3) The educational web site Brain POP has opened its site for free for all kids who are at home.  User name: שטק Password: שקט  There are two sites available for free- the regular site with topics such as geography, music and math and the site which teaches English, which is also good for Anglo children.

(4) The Nahalat Binyamin Visitor Center in Psagot Winery is offering free entrance to all residents of the South and whoever is “under the range of fire.”  For more information call 02-9979333.  For more information about the winery go to their web page (English).

(5) Gan Garoo- free entrance to Southern residents.

(6) The Botanical Garden in Jerusalem- free entrance to residents on the “front line” (קו עימות)

(7) Park HaMaayanot- Southern residents get free entrance and free use of an electric car for two hours.

(8) Marzipan Museum- free entrance for Southern residents.  Workshops cost 32 shekels instead of 52.

(9) The new action park in Maale Adumim is offering entrance to the children’s area for only 19 shekels.  For more information go to their web site (English).

(10) Studio C is offering all women who live within 40 kilometers of Gaza to go to any Studio C branch throughout the country and burn off some stress for free.  They can also participate in aerobics and Zumba classes for free.  For a list of Studio C branches click here.

The complete list of old and new deals can be found on Ynet.

Deals for the ideal summer

I don’t know if we will ever get to use these deals but one can always hope.  These deals are for outside, open space events, which may not be appropriate depending on the security situation and your level of comfort.  Make sure these events are still on before going.

(1) The Environmental Protection Ministry has created the “Chamishi Chof-shi” event- every Thursday this summer four of the most beautiful beaches in Israel will be free.  In addition, Hof Achziv, Hof Yanai, Hof Palmachim, and Gan Leumi Ashkelon will have guided tours and educational activities from 17:00-18:00 (5-6 pm) (for more information click here).  The beaches are free from 8:00 until 18:00.  Due to the security situation, the educational activities have been cancelled until further notice but the beaches are still free.   When the security situation changes, check the Reshut HaTeva web site to see if they have been reinstated.


(2) Shufersal card holders can purchase tickets for Luna Park on 22 August 2014 (Friday) for only 39 shekels each.  The park will be open from 10:00-17:00 and you can purchase up to 5 tickets per Shufersal card.    There is no information on the Shufersal site as to whether this event has been cancelled but they were selling tickets as of a few days ago.

(3) In August, children up to 18 years old can go to Migdal David for free!  You can pick a free all-day activity book to go on an adventure throughout the Medical Diagnosis exhibit and the Citadel.  For more information go to their web site.  There is no mention of cancelling any activities on their web site.


(4) The Miniature Electric Train Exhibit at “Hatahana” is offering a summer special- 45 shekels per person or 139 shekels per family (up to 5 people).  For more information, go to their web site.  There is no mention of cancelling any activities on their web site.

(5) Lifestyle members can purchase the following discount tickets:

Park Shefayim- 22 July 2014 – 39 shekels

Park Nachshonit- 7 August 2014- 35 shekels

Yamit 2000- 17 August 2014- 39 shekels

Biblical Zoo- 17 July 2014- 35 shekels

Tzuk Minra happening- 31 July 2014- Triple Extreme for 59 shekels per person and Total Extreme for 99 shekels per person

Country Go Active Caesarea, including a performance by Michal Zafir “Bites of Health”- 11 August 2014- 39 shekels

For more information or to order tickets go to the Lifestyle web site.  There is no mention of cancelling any activities on their web site.

Discounts/freebies for residents of the South and Miluim families- Part 2

Click here for Part 1.

Must show proof of residence for all deals.  Some of them say “UNTESTED”- that means I saw it advertised on another site but do not have proof of the deal- confirm before going.

(13) Not to be outdone by Mega, Shufersal is also offering free delivery with a purchase of only 100 shekels (Mega is 180 shekels).  Valid until 17 July 2014 in the following areas: Sderot, Ofakim, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheva, Yavneh, Kiryat Malachi and Kiryat Gat.  For more information, click here.

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(14) Misrad HaBitachon would like to remind miluimnikim that they offer a free 24-hour service for them and their families: handyman help in their house, emergency and medical services.  For more information, click here (Moadon BeHatzadaa).


(15) UNTESTED- Tzimmerland is offering up to 50% off to stay in a tzimmer in the North.  For more information call 054-7128036.

(16) The Sachne is inviting residents of Otef Aza only to enjoy the water for free.  For more information, go to their Facebook page.

(17) UNTESTED- Nir David is offering 50% off their guest rooms for residents of the South.  For more information call 04-6488525.

(18) Chamei Gaash is offering 50% off the entrance fee and free use of the facilities for residents of the South.  They also have a hotel package available.  For more information, call 09-9529404 or go to their Facebook page.

(19) Gulliver Hotels is offering up to 30% off the hotels for residents of the South.  Club Hotel Eilat is 20% off.  For more information, go to their web site.

(20) Bank HaPoalim is offering residents of the South the ability to postpone mortgage payments and get loans as needed for current customers.

(21) Decka Event Hall in Tel Aviv invites celebrants from the South to use their hall for a nominal fee.  The event hall holds up to 500 people.  For more information contact Yifaat at 03-6449989.

(22) Chasdei Naomi has six event halls in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak that they are offering for free to residents of the South who are unable to have their wedding because of Pikud HaOref restrictions.  They will also help arrange housing, subsidized food for the event, and contacting the invitees.  For more information go to their web site.

(23) Bezeq is offering their customers throughout the country free “Follow me” service to cell phones and land lines. They are also offering business customers 300 free SMSs through Bsms.  For more information go to their web site.

(24) Globus Max has opened two theaters in the “Sea Mool” mall that are in protected areas.  They will be constantly running kids movies all day.  Each ticket is 25 shekels if purchased online (no service charge).  For more information go to their web site.

(25) YES customers in the South will be able to enjoy all YES’s children’s and premium channels for no extra charge.

(26) HOT customers throughout the country will be able to watch several additional channels for free.

There are many more- hopefully I won’t need to post a Part 3.

Source- Ynet


Free Shavuot recipe booklet from Shufersal

Yes, I am behind, but if you are looking for some new dairy recipes, check out this free online recipe booklet from Shufersal.

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