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Efrat Tirosh Grape Juice for 9.90 shekels- ends soon!


Grape juice must be purchased at Yayin BaIr stores in the following cities:

Kfar Shirmiyahu, Ramat Gan, Kfar Saba, Afula, Hadera, and Kiryat Shmona.

Click here to purchse vouchers.

Mega coupon- Tirosh grape juice

Kimat Chinam’s weekly sale circular

Click here to see the circular.

Some good sales include Heinz 907 gram ketchup for 8.99 (credi card hoders only), apples/bananas/rimonim for 4.99/kg, Tirosh grape juice (750ml) for 7.99 each when you buy two, various frozen fish for 14.99/kg, and frozen meat between 19.99-24.99/kg.

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