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Shufersal coupon- pretzels

AM:PM coupons- Spring and Mini Baflim

Kariot coupon wars

I posted a Rami Levy coupon for Kariot which brought the price to 27 shekels for 2 boxes.  Shufersal’s sale price is 30 shekels for 2 boxes, but with the coupon you can bring the price to 25 shekels.   If you eat kitniyot on Pesach, check and see if they are KLP already.


Lenor coupon- expires 1 April 2012

Get as 20% discount card for Activia yogurt- expires 31 March 2012

Click here to fill out your personal information and you will receive the card in the mail.

Rami Levy sales


Bar Kol sales

Rami Levy weekly coupon- Delipecan and Kariot

They are on sale for 30 shekels at Shufersal, so this is a good deal.  If you eat kitniyiot on Pesach, see if they are KLP in Rami Levy (they weren’t in Shufersal).

Eden Teva- tax free!


Sale expires 24 Feb 2012.

Great Shufersal sales going on now!


I don’t know whether they are cleaning out the store for Pesach or trying to attract Purim shoppers, but there are some great deals at Shufersal now.  Plan your Purim seudah now and save some money!

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