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Milkys found not to have real chocolate

Two class action lawsuits have been settled today against Strauss, stating that they cannot label Milky as “chocolate” if the ingredients do not include chocolate as defined by Israeli Standard 36.

According to Israeli Standard 1145, if the name of a food “shows off”a certain ingredient or if there is a picture of that ingredient, the manufacturer must list the percentage of that ingredient in the list of ingredients.  In addition, the Standard says that the name of a food must be accurate and able to be proven.  Therefore only if there is chocolate as defined by the Israeli Standard in the ingredients can you write that the product has chocolate in it.  Otherwise you have to write “chocolate flavor-בטעם שוקולד”.

This is the current Milky label:

הכיתוב הישן. מילקי שוקולד (ובקטן: "בטעם שוקולד") (צילום: אדר טל)

(הכיתוב הישן. מילקי שוקולד (ובקטן: “בטעם שוקולד”) (צילום: אדר טל


As you can see, it does says b’taam shokolad, but only under the large words “Shokolad”.

This is the new label:

הכיתוב החדש: כיתוב עקבי: "בטעם שוקולד" (צילום: עידו ארז)

(הכיתוב החדש: כיתוב עקבי: “בטעם שוקולד” (צילום: עידו ארז

Here there is no gigantic “Shokolad”,only the words “b’taam shokolad” the same size as the rest of the labeling.

Strauss’s punishment from the court was having to change the label and to donate 300,000 shekels worth of dairy products to charitable organizations- specifically HaEmek hospital or an equivalent organization that has no previous connection with Strauss.

What do you think of this lawsuit?  Ridiculous or righteous?  Before you answer, take a look at another very famous “chocolate” item:

Wait- that isn’t Hershey’s CHOCOLATE syrup, it is Hershey’s syrup with “genuine chocolate flavor”.

So Israel apparently isn’t the only country who distinguishes between real chocolate and chocolate flavor.  The “punishment” as it is ends up being relatively free advertising for the Strauss so I don’t think they will be too distressed over this verdict.

In other frivolous chocolate lawsuit news, a court ruled that Osem, General Mills, Vita, and Maimons can still call their product “kadoorei shokolad- כדורי שוקולד” and not “kadoorim b’taam shokolad- כדורים בטעם שוקולד”.  Thank goodness for that!

Source: Ynet, Ynet, GAIN Report, Israel Standard Institute Amendment 6 and 7

What happened to all the coupons?

Hi folks- January has been a really quiet month coupon-wise.  I have been out of the country most of this month, but even so I have been hard-pressed to find good deals to pass on to you.

One of the reasons why came from Tnuva, who gave this answer on their Facebook page when people like me went looking for new coupons and found none:

“בעקבות חקיקת חוק המזון בנוגע לפרסום קופונים ומבצעים בין ספקי מזון לרשתות השיווק, בשלב זה אין באפשרותנו להציע קופונים עבור מוצרי תנובה. “
“The new food law states that it is forbidden to advertise coupons and sales between food distributors and supermarket chains, so at this point Tnuva is unable to provide coupons for Tnuva products.”
That is a strange statement.  Firstly, there is a draft of the revised food law, but it hasn’t come into effect-it hasn’t even been read once by the Knesset, so it is hard to believe that Tnuva is so responsible that they are abiding by a possible new law which might come into effect possibly for years.  You can read the draft here if you are so inclined- the final date to send in comments has passed, however.  It is 104 pages and I must admit I haven’t read it cover to cover yet.  I did a quick search for the words “coupon”, “advertise”, “sale”, and “food distributors” and was unable to find the part that Tnuva is referring to.  I probably need to read it more carefully because when I jumped to the Strauss Sheli web site to look for coupons, I found this message:
״בינואר 2015 נכנס לתוקפו ״חוק המזון״ ובו נקבעו, בין היתר, מגבלות מסוימות לגבי חלוקת קופונים לצרכנים. החברה בוחנת את סוגי ומאפייני הקופונים אותם ניתן לחלק בכפוף להוראות החוק ותפעל לחלוקת קופונים בהתאם למותר על פי הדין.״
OK, now I know that the new food law is a draft- therefore it has not in effect as Strauss says. So what is going on?  Is this some sort of show against the new law or is it a convenient excuse not to provide coupons?  The Israeli Chamber of Commerce doesn’t mention this issue in their comments and neither does the Israeli Manufacturer’s Organization– the umbrella organization for manufacturers such as Strauss and Tnuva.  That means that the issue is not really important to manufacturers (if it really exists).  The issue should be important to the Israel Consumer Council though- if anyone is concerned, they should be.  Despite their detailed list about what the new law means for consumers, there is no mention of coupons being forbidden.  Some of the practices that the new law does forbid include: the purchasing of preferable shelf space in a supermarket, forcing the recommended price of an item on a seller, limiting supermarket space to 50% for extremely large companies, and forcing consumers to buy a less-preferred product to get a low-priced preferred product.  You can read more on their web site.  I might say that forbidding a recommended price MIGHT be related to coupons, but it isn’t very clear to me at all.
At this point I am perturbed.  Are you?  I can’t see any reason to forbid coupons.  If limiting coupons to particular supermarkets is what Misrad HaBriut feels is preferential treatment that should be stopped, then have coupons valid at all supermarkets!  Maybe the whole point of coupons was a joint deal to promote certain supermarkets?!?!
If this issue bothers you as much as it bothers me, complain!  Click on the names to file a complaint and make sure to mention “Chok HaMazon” חוק המזון.
  1. Strauss (Hebrew) (English) (Facebook)
  2. Tnuva (Facebook)
  3. Israel Consumer Council
  4. Misrad HaBriut
  5. Manufacturers Association of Israel

Joy Air pudding coupon- expires 31 Dec 2014

Click on the coupon to print.

קופון ג'וי

New Strauss Energy Bars coupon- expires 31 Aug 2014

Strauss Activia yogurt coupon- expires 31 Dec 2014

Strauss Danone drinking yogurt coupon- expires 31 Dec 2014

Actimel coupon- expires 31 Dec 2014

Two free containers of Daniella – expires tomorrow!

Machsanei Lahav and Strauss have posted a voucher on Big Deal for 2 free containers of Daniella at all Machsanei Lahav stores.  The voucher is good now until 28 Feb 2014.  One voucher per customer.

If you never tried Daniella, it is whipped gevina levana like Yoplait’s Shtuzim.  My kids love the banana flavor and hate the strawberry one, but try it for yourselves.

For a list of Machsanei Lahav stores, click here.

Tour Machane Yehuda for free with Strauss/Achla salads

Strauss Achla salads is offering free tours of the Machane Yehuda shuk in Jerusalem. The are tours on Friday 24 Jan and 31 Jan filled up too quickly for me to post.  In the meantime until they open more places next week, you can check out their interactive virtual tour of the shuk here.

Shufersal-Strauss coupon- Yotvata products expires 7 Jan 2014

Click on the picture to go to the Facebook page where you can have the coupon sent by email or SMS.  You don’t need to print it if you use the SMS.  Also valid at Shufersal Online.

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