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Going shopping? For a few shekels, don’t bother leaving the house.

I have a crazy schedule and a back that suffered too many years of heavy lifting, so I am a big fan of online shopping.  No waiting in line, no getting run over by crazy cart drivers, no watching people sample the merchandise (it’s called STEALING!), etc.  When I tell people I shop online, I see the finger twirl around their heads- “she’s crazy to pay so much money!”  That may be so; but as the saying goes, time is money, so that also has to be a factor.

Let’s forget for a minute Rami Levy, Victory, Yeynot Biton and so on that you see in the suburbs.  What about the city folk who rely on Shufersal Sheli, Mega BaIr, or the local makolet?   Is it worth it to take a trip to the suburbs and stock up?  According to the Marker, no.  They compared prices in Mega BaIr, Mega Bool and Mega BaInternet as well as Shufersal Sheli, Shufersal Deal, and Shufersal Online.  What they found will surprise you:

All in all, Shufersal Sheli is more expensive than Mega BaIr, but shopping online is approximately the same price as the discount stores- without the shlep.

Another thing they noticed- the month after Tishrei the prices go up significantly:

This disproves the theory that the prices are higher before the holidays because you have no choice but to buy certain products- it is actually a better during the holidays.

The moral of this story?  If you are a city slicker, it pays to stay in your pajamas and order your groceries.  If you shop in Shufersal Deal or Mega Bool, you aren’t doing yourself a favor by dragging everyone to the store to shop- put the kids in bed and order from home.


Mega Bool sales- good through 28 Oct 2013

Mega sales in Yavneh

Here are some super sales in honor of the grand opening of Mega Bool in Yavneh- enjoy!

Tax-free Mega Bool Talpiot now through 27 Mar 2012

YOU members only!

25% off all Tnuva dairy products at Mega Bool- ends tomorrow!

10% off on Saturday night

YOU members get 10% off their purchases at these Mega Bool stores every Staurday night.

Offer does not include cigarettes, matches, “technology” and electronics.

Mega Bool 99 agorot vegetable sale- 2 days only!

YOU members: spend at least 100 shekels at Mega Bool and you can purchase up to 3kg of tomatoes, cucumbers, white cabbage, white potatoes and onion for 99 agorot/kg.

Offer expires October 25, 2011. 


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