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Prigat, Tara Moo, wine, and tzfatit cheese coupons- expire 13 December 2015

Go to this link and submit your name and cell phone number.  The coupons will be sent to you by SMS.

יין תבור סדרת פנינים והרשוקו-מוו של טרהפריגת משקה קל 1.5 ליטרגבינה צפתית מעודנת של משק צוריאל

Prigat’s gift for the holidays

Go to Prigat’s Facebook page and you make a holiday post card for your loved one.  With the card, Prigat will send a packets of seeds and a coupon for a free bottle of Prigat for your holiday table.


Free gift from Prigat

Prigat is offering a very cute gift for free right now.  Enter their Facebook page and sign in.   You will be directed to pick a photograph, write a message, and pick your favorite flavor.  You will then receive in the mail a car freshener with the photo attached to it and your message, as well as a BOGO free coupon for Prigat 500ml at Yellow stores.

I just got mine in the mail and it is very cute.


Mister Zol’s 8 shekel sale

Mister Zol jumps in with the big guys this week with their 8 shekel sale- for 8 shekels you can get:

  1. 2 containers of Prigat juice
  2. Elite candle box with chocolate
  3. 3 cans of Blu
  4. 2 Elite chocolate bars
  5. 2 packages of napkins
  6. 2 bags of flour or semolina
  7. 2 bags of couscous
  8. 1 bag of B&B’s new flat pretzels

They are also advertising activities in the store for kids as well as candle lighting.

Sale ends 31 Dec 2011.

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