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What to do until September 1- school supplies, vacation schedule and more

We are down to the home stretch before school starts- for the great majority of us, the children fly the coop on September 1.  Here are some activities to do if you have run out of ideas how to keep everyone happy.

(1) If you haven’t done so, now is the time to get school books and supplies.  Today is the first totally quiet Friday in a while and the multitudes are definitely taking advantage.  The school supplies sales this week are not heavily advertised- no Kravitz coupon this week, no ad for Idan 2000 or HaPirat HaAdom for example.   Bank HaPoalim customers get cash back at Kfar Shaashuim- check out the deals on their web site.  The Haredi yeshivas are all on vacation so the stores in those neighborhoods should be quieter during the day.  Home Center is having a sale on school supplies as well as student desks and chairs- you can see the ad here.  For tips on what and where to get school supplies, check out my post from last year.


(2) The תשע”ה – 5765 – school vacation schedule is online.  Go to your local crafts or office supply store to get a pad of big block paper and make a master family calendar.  Along with the school schedule, mark who is in charge of dinner each night, have them fill in their meal choice and start doing the shopping now.  I am a big believer of assigning children responsibility for dinner- it reduces the amount of “Icksa” complaints and encourages responsibility.  Let each child prepare according to their age level- from cutting up vegetables to grilling burgers- make it fun and simple with some basic rules (marshmallows cannot be a main course, each meal must have a vegetable) and you are on your way.

(3) It is never too early to cook for the holidays.  Here is a list of TNT foods from a previous post that you and your kids can make together and freeze for the holidays:

  1. Cookies- you can freeze dough or baked cookies.  Make a batch of sugar cookies and let the kids “paint” them with a mixture of powdered sugar, food coloring, water, and vanilla extract.
  2. Cakes- there are lots of simple cake recipes- buy smaller “English cake” trays and have each kids make their own.  Don’t forget trifles for those not-so-perfect cakes!
  3. Challah- kids love rolling and shaping challah- why not have rolls instead of large challahs?  I know we always end up with lots of challah slices and nothing to do with them them.  Having lots of smaller challahs gives you enough for each bracha without a lot of waste.
  4. Chicken- you know the prices go up before the holidays, so get what you can now and freeze it.  Put the raw chicken in a marinade and then freeze it- it will make the chicken softer and more flavorful.  Or you can purchase Of Oz chicken which comes in thick vacuum packages which are great for freezing.
  5. Meatballs- spice them up and freeze them as individuals on a tray, then package them in bags, or cook them before freezing them.  This is not a job for the kids, though.
  6. Potato kugel- if you don’t have a “freezerable” recipe, there is one on my blog.
  7. Soup- it is never a bad time to make chicken soup.
  8. Meat boreka- brown ground beef, add spices/sauce, put it on a sheet of puff pastry dough and roll it up.  I cook this before I freeze it.  It is best sliced cold, before it goes on the plata.

You can search the blog for TNT recipes for the freezer.

***This year it is especially important to buy chicken early if you purchase fresh chicken.  The Muslim holiday, Eid ul Adha coincides with Yom Kippur and Sukkot this year.  Since Muslims are the primary, if not the only workers in Israeli slaughterhouses, the slaughterhouses will be closed for ten days and therefore not be able to provide fresh poultry.  It is a time to be especially aware not to purchase poultry from less than exemplary stores so that you won’t inadvertently purchase poultry that was defrosted and sold as fresh or is past its use by date.***   

(4) Clear out that smartphone and make a digital album at Albombom.  Right now they are offering 45% off each album until 31 Aug 2014.  They also have great deals on personalized calendars.  Lupa is also having a sale on photo calendars- buy one, get two free.


(5) If you are a former New Yorker, you remember Shakespeare in the Park. In Jerusalem you can have the same experience without waiting for tickets.  Theater in the Rough is performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream next week for free and in English. For more information, click here.


(6)  Once school starts, the parade of birthday parties will start as well.  Stock up with presents at Toys ‘R Us.  Use your Leumi card to purchase 300 shekels worth of merchandise and pay only 200 shekels!  You must pay with your Leumi card and there are no double sales.  For more details click here.  Expires 31 Aug 2014.

(7) The Chutzot HaYotzer festival started this week and ends the 23rd of August.  Discount tickets can be found at the Leumi card web site for 61 shekels each instead of 65 shekels.  Other discounts are available for Jerusalem residents, students, Bank Yahav customers and more- go to the festival’s web site for more information (Hebrew) (English).

חוצות היוצר 2014


(8) The holidays will be upon us before you know it and chances are you will be invited out for a meal or two.  Instead of the standard bottle of wine or flowers, go to a paint-it-yourself ceramic studio such as Kad V’Chomer in Jerusalem,  Keyad HaDimyon in Modiin, Rebecca in Moshav Yitzron or  Studio Nomi in Herzliya and create a unique gift for your hosts.

Post your ideas and suggestions as well!


Huge disposable goods sale at Peamit Store- expires 6 August 2014

Rosh Hashana will be here before you know it, so take advantage of these sales while you can.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  For a list of stores, click here.

Prigat’s gift for the holidays

Go to Prigat’s Facebook page and you make a holiday post card for your loved one.  With the card, Prigat will send a packets of seeds and a coupon for a free bottle of Prigat for your holiday table.


Chetzi Chinam Rosh Hashana 2012 sales

Chetzi Chinam will be open motzei Shabbat on 8 Sept and 15 Sept.


Rami Levy has it!

Good sales, that is. 

I just did a very quick run- through and found 6 packs of Mei Eden and Neviot water for 6.75 a package (limit 2 packages).  Rimonim are 3.90/kg (Shufersal had them for 8.90/kg).  The chicken line was out of sight so I guess they have good deals but I am not a fan of their meat (see previous post) so I don’t know what they were.  Delidag gefilte fish was 9.49- better than Shufersal at 10.  For those of you who buy mana hama, the Wili Food ones were 3/10 shekels.  They also have the Yoplait and other Tnuva dairy sales currently going on.

If you spend 49 shekels you ge a free calendar and if you spend 99 shekels you get a magazine with recipes and a coupon for free shipping from Prachim2u (flowers) if you spend over 150 shekels.

Rosh Hashanah Price Wars- Full Steam Ahead

In today’s newspaper there are 5 supermarket sale ads.  I will provide the link to see the advertisement and a list of some of the best deals that I see in the ad.


Yesh has the best price on gefilte fish jars so far-600 grams for 8.99.  You can also get 1/4 frozen lamb (Atara) for 49.99/kg, frozen salmon for 29.99/kg, and 3 Spring bottles for 8.99.  You also get a free fish head with a 50 shekel or more purchase.


As I mentioned in a previous post, this little store has some great sales.  You can 1/4 frozen lamb (Neto, glatt) for 29.99/kg with a 299 shekel purchase, 1 liter of Efrat tirosh grape juice for 9.99, and 18 eggs for 9.99.  You have to be a club member for these sales, which costs 19.99 per year.

Kimat Chinam

If you are a club member, you can get Jacob’s coffee for 24.99 (and use their credit card), a 6 pack of 1.5 liter Coca Cola for 19.99 (and use their credit card), and Hellman’s, Heinz, or Telma mayonnaise for 8.99.  1/4 frozen lamb sliced costs 49.99/kg and pomegranates cost 4.89/kg.


Shufersal still has the 20% off brand names and 30% Cherokee clothing sales for club members. Until tomorrow, you can get frozen Norwegian salmon fillet for 44.99/kg and whole cleaned carp for 12/kg.


YOU members can get fresh chicken in all sorts of different cuts (mix and match) for 5.99/kg until Monday, when you spend 400 shekels in the store.  Maximum 5 kg per purchase.  In their 10 shekel sale, you can get 670 grams gefilte fish, Maadanot potato burecas, and Sanfrost frozen green beans.  You should check out their “Basket of Subsidies Sale” which is offering up to 20% off basic food items.  I purchased the unsliced loaf of bread for 4.67,  a bag of 3% Tnuva milk for 4.79, and a 750ml bottle of Mega brand Tirosh grape juice for 10 shekels.  Most of the products are the Mega brand, but the prices are very good and I never noticed any quality issues with their brand.  You can check out the rest of the subsidized items here.

Rami Levy

Rami Levy is being awfully quiet this season.  I am sure they have great sales, they are just not advertising them.  An article in Yediot Ahronot on the 12th listed  many items which are cheaper in Rami Levy than Shufersal (see picture below).  Rami Levy is also advertising a television news show which also talks about how much cheaper the prices are in Rami Levy, but I can’t open it to watch.  You can try here.  I guess if Rami Levy is getting all this free advertising by journalists, they really don’t need to spend money on newspaper ads.


University Students vs. Tnuva- Rosh Hashanah Wars Part 2

After the successful boycott of cottage cheese, Tel Aviv University students have set their eyes on something much grander- Tnuva.  This time they are not satisfied with just advertising through Facebook- they have taken to the streets, trying to convince shoppers to support their cause.

Tnuva, of course, is not going to allow a boycott to get in the way of holiday profits.  In addition to their announcement that certain dairy products would come with 10-20% extra for free (see previous post), now  Tnuva is offering 50% off the second item when you purchase two.  Products include Piraeus cheeses, Shock shoko bags, Yoplait yogurts, and Emek cheese- many of which are items that rarely get discounted.

So who is winning?  Shufersal reports that there is no decline in the sale of Tnuva products, but “another large supermarket chain” reports a 3% decrease and Rami Levy reports a 4% decrease in Tnuva products and a concommitant 6% increase in the sale of Tara products and 7.5% increase in the sale of Strauss products.

Tnuva’s response?  “We will continue to offer new sales and surprises to our customers.”

Since one of our family’s major purchases is Piraeus brand bulgarit cheese (we are 1/4 Greek), I say to Tnuva- keep it coming!

Source: Yisrael Hayom, 14/9/2011

Victory supermarket- who knew they had such great deals?

As I said in my Rosh Hashanah Price Wars post, every food-related business will be soliciting now to get a slice of the Rosh Hashanah pie.

Today I found an ad for Victory supermarkets and found some really great deals for club members.  Some of them include:

Efrat tirosh grape juice, 1 liter- 9.99

Number 3 eggs, 18 pack- 9.99

Filet Medumeh (Number 6) glatt frozen beef- 29.99/kg

Neto 1/4 sheep, glatt, frozen- 29.99/kg (with a 299 shekel purchase)

Frozen tilapia filet- 29.99/kg

Frozen chicken quarters-9.99/kg

Gefilte fish jar, 6 pieces- 9.99

Sale ends 24/9/2011.  Quantities are limited.  Minimum purchase 50 shekels.  Club membership costs 19.99/year.  Check out the rest of the sale items here.

Victory supermarkets are in the following cities: Gan Yavne, Sderot, Kiryat Gat, Kiryat Malachi, Rosh HaAyin, Lod, Kfar Saba, Ganei Tikva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ramle, Tel Aviv and Oranit. 

If you live in these areas, this sale is definitely worth the effort.

Rosh Hashanah Food Wars Part 1- Dairy Products

For those of you who are experiencing your first Rosh Hashanah in Israel this year, welcome to the beginning of Price Wars 2011 (or תשע”ב, to be precise).  Food manufacturers, supermarkets, and everyone else selling some sort of food item will be trying to get your business.  It is in your best interest to be a smart shopper and make sure those sale ads show real discounts(Victory’s ad)  and aren’t just pretty to look at (Shufersal’s ad).  I will try and keep translating the ads, but I will probably be forced to post just the link to the sale advertisement in order to get the sales to you in a reasonable amount of time.

This week dairy manufacturers are posting their “deals”.  You can purchase Tnuva milk, cottage cheese, and gvina levana with 10%-20% added for free.  Considering the fact that last year they removed 10%-20% of gvina levana and cottage cheese and kept the same outrageous price, I am not too enamoured of their “gift.”

Strauss is offering the followng sales until 23/10/2011:

Milky- 4 for 10 shekels

Danona Tivi yogurt- 4 for 10 shekels

Ski gvina levana- 2 for 10 shekels

Cottage cheese- 2 for 10 shekels

They aren’t great deals either, but is a start.  I will still wait for the real sales, though.

Rami Levy’s pre-Rosh Hashana sale for club members

The ad is virtually impossible to read, and from the comments posted on the facebook page, translating might not be worth the effort.  Check it out here and here to decide.  I am sure the better sales will be coming.

Other Rami Levy sales this month:  check them out here and here.

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