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Low lactose milk is back- get a free sample (expires 30 April 2015)

Tnuva’s low-lactose milk came out in 2011 and though it can be found online, I rarely see it in the supermarkets.  Now Yotvata has decided to market low-lactose milk as well.  It is slightly higher in price than Tnuva’s (approx. 7.80 shekels), but you can get a free sample now by clicking on the picture to print a coupon or type in your email address here and the coupon will be emailed to you.  You must present a printed coupon to get a free sample.

Yotvata milk and cream coupons- expire 31 Dec 2014

Print the coupons from Yotvata’s web page.  You don’t have to give any personal information to print the coupons.


Last minute deal on the Dinosaurs exhibit in Tel Aviv- expires 18 Oct 2014

Groupon is offering tickets to the “The Dinosaurs are Coming” exhibit on the roof of the Azrielli mall in Tel Aviv for only 54 shekels each instead of 89 shekels.  You can buy the tickets tonight and go tomorrow- no need to reserve a place in advance.  Children from age 2 need a ticket.

If you want to really be extravagant, you can go to Papagaio in the mall for lunch- click here to register for eLuna and get a 10% off coupon.  Otherwise, you can clip these coupons (Hebrew) or these (English) for Yotvata BaIr in the mall for a dairy meal.

שובר מ קופת תל אביב פתח תקווה

RECALL: Yotvata enriched milk

Yotvata has announced that on a certain number of 1.75 liter cartons of enriched milk (bar code 290105966018 , expiration date 16/2/14), the weight of the carton was not listed.  There is no problem whatsoever with the milk and it is safe to drink.

Yotvata is collecting the cartons from the shelves.  Those who purchased the product are asked to call 1-800-291-291 for more information and to receive compensation.


Source: Misrad HaBriut

Shufersal-Strauss coupon- Yotvata products expires 7 Jan 2014

Click on the picture to go to the Facebook page where you can have the coupon sent by email or SMS.  You don’t need to print it if you use the SMS.  Also valid at Shufersal Online.

RECALL: Yotvata drinks

Yotvata has discovered a souring problem with certain 250 ml, 300 ml, and 350 ml bottles with expiration dates from Nov 9-17, 2013 that may lead to an abnormal texture or taste.  There is no danger in drinking these products and Yotvata is collecting these bottles from the shelves.

The affected products include:

שוקו 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290003029433)
מארז 6 בקבוקים שוקו 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290011438395)
אייס-קפה 350 מ”ל מהדרין ( 7290011438142)
בננה 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290003029389)
לאטה 250 מל’ (7290105362353)
פונץ’ בננה 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290105368959)
קפוצ’ינו 250 מ”ל (7290104729041)
שוקו 350 מ”ל מהדרין (7290011438128)
לאטה 250 zero מ”ל (7290105368942)
שוקו דיאט 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290003029525)
מילקשייק שוקו עם סירופ בטעם שוקולד 300 מ”ל (7290011438470)
מילקשייק וניל עם סירופ בטעם שוקולד 300 מ”ל (7290011438487)


Yotvata enriched milk coupon- expires 31 Dec 2013

Did you realize that milk in Israel is not fortified with Vitamin D? You have to purchase specially-labeled milk for Vitamin D.

Yotvata shamenet coupon- expires 31 Dec 2013

Yotvata chocolate milk coupon- expires 31 Dec 2013

Yotvata chalav m’udan coupon- expires 31 Dec 2012

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