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Why I buy generics- Part 2

I came across a funny article tonight about generics.  Ynet went to the supermarket and discovered that many store brands or other generics are produced by the same manufacturer as the brand name.  Not only that, but the have the exact same ingredients and nutritional information- the only difference is the price.  For couponing in the holy land readers this is not a new phenomenon (see previous post) but apparently this irked the author.  Why?  Because the different brands on the shelf that have different prices should be made by different manufacturers- that is real competition.  If they are all made by the same manufacturer, it isn’t really competition.  To that I say who cares?!  For me, I get the same product at a lower price.  If I purchase blue and white, even better.

I am not going to elaborate on the article more, but I will show you pictures of identical brands of the same product to save you time in the supermarket.

3 מותגים, יצרן אחד. רק הימנית ביותר לא מיוצרת על-ידי זנלכל ()

פער המחירים בין שעועית לבנה של אותו יצרן: כ-20%. רק השמאלית היא של יצרן אחר ()

3 מותגים בתמונה, אך רק שני מוצרים. המותג הפרטי של שופרסל הוא של פרי הגליל ()

Mega and Pri HaGalil are the same manufacturer- Yachin is different.

פער במחיר: סטייק צ'יפס של תפוגן וסטייק צ'יפס של מגה, גם הוא מתוצרת תפוגן ()

אותו יצרן למותג הפרטי של מגה ולמותג של טחנות ישראליות, אבל המחיר זהה ()

This generic is the same price as the brand name. Why???

אריזת 700 גרם עם שומשום של המותג הפרטי - זולה בהרבה מאריזת המותג של אותו יצרן (דלידג של נטו) בלי שומשום ()

בשופרסל: מדף שלם של סוגת ושופרסל, כי המותג הפרטי של שופרסל הינו מתוצרת סוגת ()

זו טונה ויליגר (המותג) וזו טונה ויליגר (קניה חכמה) ()

Both of these are made by Wiliger

וכדי לבלבל עוד יותר: זו טונה ויליגר של המותג הפרטי של מגה לצד עוד אריזה של טונה ויליגר ()

"המותג" מתוצרת שניב ו"קנייה חכמה" מתוצרת שניב ()

המותג הפרטי של מגה מתוצרת שניב ()

Source: Ynet

Saving money on school supplies- Part 2

My luck is such that a few days after I post about saving money on school supplies, Ynet writes an article as well. Ynet reiterates what I said previously- that Israelis are too concerned with the war to worry about school supplies.  Those that are buying are buying only the essentials and a smaller amount than usual.  Stores such as Office Depot and Kfar Shaashuim are reporting decreased sales of 20-30% but Kravitz is reporting a decrease only in the South of approximately 15%.

When a representative from Kravitz was interviewed regarding the store’s reputation as being much more expensive than their competitors, he said that you can spend 4 shekels on a marker in Kravitz that is German quality and has approval from Machon HaTkanim (The Israeli Standards Institute) or go to the competition and spend 3 shekels on a marker that doesn’t work or states on the label that it is only for adults, which means it does not have approval from Machon HaTkanim.  It is obvious what is the more appropriate product.

A representative from Idan 2000 is also seeing decreased sales throughout the country.  People aren’t interested in going out and wandering around- in the South and in places like Rishon and Rechovot people aren’t leaving their houses at all.  In the North, people are caught up in the whole atmosphere of the country at war.

What does this mean for consumers?  Well, school will come at the end of August, war or no war.  The stores will have to get rid of their merchandise, so if the war is still going on, retailers will have to make an extra effort to make their products move out of the store.  That means big sales.  So don’t feel pressure to get anything done right now- time is on your side.

As an aside, Yisrael HaYom started posting the Kravitz coupon we all wait for each year- 50 shekels off a 150 shekel purchase.  Unfortunately I am not able to post each morning it appears in the paper, but you can go to their web site and read the paper early to see if it has a coupon.  You can also have it emailed to you early in the morning- sign up on their web site.  As far as I know you have to use the original print coupon- not one you print on the computer.  They also have coupons on other products but the deals aren’t usually that exciting.

If you really want to start shopping or are stuck home for whatever reason, check out my blog post about Tilboshet– the online store for 100% cotton school shirts.  Never go by the regular price- check for their current sales, which are listed below.

You can also order school books online from Tzomet Sefarim and pick them up in your local store when they arrive.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come in.  In the meantime, keep safe and stay strong. Mi Ka’amcha Yisrael?


Supermarket wars for the soldiers

In a previous post I spoke about how Rami Levy teamed up with Yisrael HaYom to offer discount packages to be sent to our chayalim.  Not to be outdone, Shufersal teamed up with Agudah Lemaan HaChayal and Yediot Achronot/Ynet to offer 10 shekel packages of either hygiene products or nosh to be delivered to the front lines. You can also purchase the packages on Shufersal Online.  For more information. click here.


Freebies for residents under fire and those who want to support them

The South is still under fire but more and more companies and organizations are reaching out to help those in need.  Here are some of the latest offers for residents of the South plus several for the entire country. You must show proof of residence to get the deals offered to the Southern residents.

(1) Interested in wearing your support for Tzahal?  Runy, the online shoe store is offering a  free silicone bracelet when you email them with your name, telephone number, email, and address to send the bracelet to.  Email:

For more information go to their Facebook page.

(2) Looking for a way to cheer up someone’s Shabbat?  The online flower store Zer4U is offering a 30% discount on flower orders from one of their stores in the South only to residents of the South only.  Click here to get a list of their branches.


(3) The educational web site Brain POP has opened its site for free for all kids who are at home.  User name: שטק Password: שקט  There are two sites available for free- the regular site with topics such as geography, music and math and the site which teaches English, which is also good for Anglo children.

(4) The Nahalat Binyamin Visitor Center in Psagot Winery is offering free entrance to all residents of the South and whoever is “under the range of fire.”  For more information call 02-9979333.  For more information about the winery go to their web page (English).

(5) Gan Garoo- free entrance to Southern residents.

(6) The Botanical Garden in Jerusalem- free entrance to residents on the “front line” (קו עימות)

(7) Park HaMaayanot- Southern residents get free entrance and free use of an electric car for two hours.

(8) Marzipan Museum- free entrance for Southern residents.  Workshops cost 32 shekels instead of 52.

(9) The new action park in Maale Adumim is offering entrance to the children’s area for only 19 shekels.  For more information go to their web site (English).

(10) Studio C is offering all women who live within 40 kilometers of Gaza to go to any Studio C branch throughout the country and burn off some stress for free.  They can also participate in aerobics and Zumba classes for free.  For a list of Studio C branches click here.

The complete list of old and new deals can be found on Ynet.

Gevina levana- only for poor people?

There is an interesting editorial on Ynet regarding the inclusion of gevina levana into the list of price-regulated products.  The author says that regulating the price of gevina levana turns it into a cheap product, which is a product that only poor people would eat, and therefore” regular” people will now purchase the specialty gevina levana products instead.  This is what happened with bread, eggs and milk.

So who does price regulation help?  The manufacturers, because now consumers purchase a more expensive product.  Not the consumers, who on average spend 40 shekels per month on gevina levana.  They would see a 20% price reduction which translates to a savings of 8 shekels per month.

In addition, by regulating the price of gevina levana, there is no incentive for the supermarkets to offer a variety of brands, which will also hurt the consumer and push out the small dairies, which fought tooth and nail for years to get a market share.

This editorial struck me as very sad.  Where has this superiority complex come from, that we can’t be seen buying price-regulated products?  He states that it is the middle class that won’t purchase products which have a reputation as “poor people food”.  How did that happen? I would say that I am middle class, and I love the fact that I can go into any super fancy supermarket and purchase these products and not worry about how expensive they are.  Am I hanging out with the wrong crowd?  Have values degenerated so much that people judge you on your cheese product?  Seriously, people, if it is that important, take it out of the container, hide it in the bottom of your trash can and serve it in a fancy dish!   Blaming the manufacturers for price regulation is just illogical.  Price regulation is here to support the people who need support and allowing these products to be stigmatized just shows how spoiled we are becoming as a nation.

The US controls the prices of many agricultural products as well, including dairy products.  There, however, the prices are artificially elevated to support the farmer.  The price of milk in the US is still less than the price in Israel, although that is emphatically denied by the Milk Board, which states that products aren’t compared properly (bag vs. carton) and that sales tax should not be included.

How do you feel about price-regulated products?  Do you purchase them or do you prefer the specialty products?


H&O kids shoes coupon- expires 5 Dec 2013

Print the coupon by clicking on the picture.


Mega BaIr is lowering prices 2-30%

Mega BaIr has announced that they will be lowering prices of many products in their stores.

Here is a list of some products with their new and old prices

פריט מחיר לפני מחיר אחרי הפרש בשקלים שיעור ההנחה
שניצל עוף דק ענק 700 גרם אסם 52.79 43.99 8.8 17%
פסטה רביולי 400 גרם 31.99 25.99 6 19%
דבש פרחי בר 400 גרם בקבוק לחיץ, יד מרדכי 35.99 27.99 8 22%
מיץ סחוט תפוזים טרי 2 ליטר 31.99 26.29 5.7 18%
מרק עוף אמיתי 400 גרם יוני ליוור 29.79 25.99 3.8 13%
קורנפלקס תלמה רגיל 750 18.99 16.79 2.2 12%
אורז בסמטי קלאסי 1 ק”ג , סוגת 16.99 14.99 2 12%
שוקולד נוטלה 750 גרם 24.99 23.99 1 4%
ביסקוויט פתי בר 500 גרם אסם 12.99 11.99 1 8%
תה ליפטון אנגלי 100 יחידות 20.99 19.99 1 5%
פסטה ברילה מספר 5 500 גרם 10.99 9.99 1 9%
כריות דגני בוקר נוגט 750 גרם תלמה 27.99 27.24 75 אג’ 3%
אבקת כביסה קולון 101 2.5 קילו 43.99 39.99 4 9%
סימילאק אדונס 900 גרם 89.99 87.6 2.39 3%
מיונז היינץ 430 גרם 12.99 11.99 1 8%
נייר טואלט לילי כפול 16 יחידות 50.99 41.29 9.7 19%
קרמה תחליב רחצה 500 מל 21.29 15.99 5.3 25%
קמח לבן מותג פרטי מגה 3.99 3.29 70 אג’ 18%
אנטרקוט טרי אדום אדום 179.99 162.99 17 9%
מטרנה אקסטרה קר שלב 3 700 גרם 84.99 72.79 12.2 14%
לחם דגנים לייט דוידוביץ’ 500 גרם 19.99 13.79 6.2 31%

Sounds great, but as Ynet showed, even with the lower prices they are still more expensive than other stores.

As one commenter said, Pasta for 10 shekels?  HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Saving money on school supplies

I just came back from Tzomet Sefarim with 900 shekels worth of school books for three kids- one in high school and two in elementary school.  That price includes some used books, doesn’t include four books on back order and considers the fact that I have one child who participates in the schoolbook-lending program (השאלת ספרים).  I am fortunate enough to receive vouchers through work so I only paid 685 shekels, but I am still reeling.  As I am sitting here and thinking, I started to check out the lending program from Misrad HaChinuch.  I learned to my chagrin that schools are not required to participate as I previously thought, but they do have a section for parents to encourage their child’s school to participate and how it works:

שלבי הפעלת התכנית

I have decided that we will be meeting with Teenager’s school principal to institute this project next year.  If your school does not participate, I highly recommend that you approach your school’s principal as well.  It shouldn’t matter what type of school your children go to- there are Arab, Druze and Jewish schools participating; chiloni/mamlachti, mamlachti dati and charedi schools in equal numbers.

You might have realized, as have I, that this price does not include school supplies!

Luckily for us, Ynet just published their survey of where to find the cheapest school supplies, and some of their conclusions might surprise you.   First of all, with the exception of kalmarim (pencil holders) and yomanim (diaries), prices stayed about the same as last year.  Office Depot claims that their prices went down 20-40%, but Ynet only noticed that decrease in children’s furniture.  So what is the  bottom line?  Ynet estimates 500-1000 shekels per child for school supplies alone (including a backpack)!!!   Some other tidbits from the article:

  • National chains like Toys R Us, Kravitz and Office Depot have the same prices throughout the country.
  • Other stores like Kfar Sha’ashuim, Idan 2000, Max Stock and Pirat HaAdom have varying prices from store to store.  They are generally cheaper than office supply stores, but for example Kfar SHa’ashuim and Pirat HaAdom’s Tel Aviv stores are more expensive than the Holon or Bat Yam stores.
  • Kravitz tends to have only the newest models of school supplies; Office Depot has older versions with newer prices.
  • Max Stock does not carry brand names- for those who need to avoid them, this is an advantage as well aas the lower price that comes with it.
  • Don’t forget Reshet Mashu which sells supplies for 1.5 shekels!
  • An advantage of the independent smaller stores is that they are willing to bargain.  Just say “but I saw it cheaper at …” and they are generally willing to go down in price.
  • Overall, Kravitz is the most expensive store; the cheapest store depends on what you are buying.
  • Prices go down at the end of August, so unless your child has his heart set on a specific brand name, it pays to wait until then to make your purchases.
  • Don’t just check prices when purchasing a backpack, check the volume as well (נפח).  Each year backpacks tend to get lighter and smaller.
  • Paper-covered notebooks are always cheaper than plastic-covered.
  • Middle/high schoolers- one notebook with several subjects is cheaper than buying individual notebooks.
  • Looseleaf paper (דפדפת) is cheaper than notebooks.
  • When buying looseleaf paper, pay attention to the amount of pages and the weight of the paper when comparing prices.
  • If you have the time and energy, devote a day to school supply shopping and check out at least two stores.
  • Some things aren’t worth the cheap price- cheap pencils don’t sharpen properly, cheap pens run out of ink quickly, cheap wite-out can have a truly awful smell. [Pencils are our pet peeve- we only buy the gray/orange ones or the blue ones- everything else we find to be made of many tiny leads and can’t be sharpened]
  • On the other hand, there are some good and low-priced objects, and the price is artifically upped because of the brand or teen idol on the cover.
  • European products are generally of better quality than Chinese products.
  • Don’t succumb to all the glittery extras- sports bottles, lunch boxes, alco-gel and the like.

Price comparison for this year’s orthopedic backpacks:

חוזרים ללימודים – ילקוטים אורתופדיים. כמה זה עולה להורים? בשקלים
מוצרים אופיס דיפו קרביץ הפיראט האדום כפר השעשועים עידן 2000 חנות פרטית
קל גב טרולי לייט 239 329.99 249.90 249.90 199.99 (מבצע)
קל גב אולטרה לייט פלוס 219 259.99 199.90 269.90 , 199.90 249.99 מבצע:219.99 170
מודן סמארט טרולי 289 299.99 249.90 (מבצע) 319.99 299.99מבצע:269.99 240
מודן קפיצים 199 229.99 199.90 199.90 199.99 (מבצע במקום 249.99)
קל גב איי טרולי – גם אורתופדי וגם על גלגלים 319 299.90 249.90 (מבצע במקום 329.90) 299.90 329.99 (299.9 מחיר מבצע)
קל גב דגם ישן* 249.99 249.99 149.99 150
מודן דגם אורתופדי ישן* 129.90 239.90
מסקנה המחירים נמוכים יחסית לרשתות האחרות, למעט איי טרולי ודגם ישן שנמכר ביוקר מחירים גבוהים למעט איי טרולי לא מצאנו את כל הדגמים בחנות. מה שנמכר – זול יחסית לרשתות האחרות מחירים בינוניים. מחירים נמוכים יחסית לרשתות האחרות – לחברי מועדון ובטרולי לייט. האיי טרולי יקר מחירים נמוכים אך מגוון דל

  *ילקוט מדור קודם הוא ילקוט שיש לו גרסה מתקדמת יותר. למשל: ילקוט אולטרה לייט – כיום נמכר כאולטרה לייט פלוס.

Other products:

חוזרים ללימודים – כמה זה עולה להורים? בשקלים

מוצרים אופיס דיפו קרביץ הפיראט האדום כפר השעשועים עידן 2000
קל גב אולטרה לייט פלוס 219 259.99 199.90 269.90 , 199.90 249.99 (219.99 לחברי מועדון)
מחברות A5 כריכת קרטון 40 דף 5 ב-5.79 10 ב-7.99 5 ב-4.90 5 ב-5.90 5 ב-5.49
5 מחברות סיכה A5 ממותגות 13.99 17.49 12.90 (4 ב-7.90) 10 11.99
3 מחברות ספירל A4 39.99 (72 דף כריכת פלסטיק, קמפוס) 45 42 מבצע: 9.99 (מוגבל ל-2 יחידות ללקוח)
מחברת חכמה 4.99,3.99 4.49 3.90 4.90 3.90
דפדפת A4 10 בלוקים דפדפות אוקספורד 50 דף 49.99 (4.99 לדפדפת 50 דף) 5 בלוקים, 100 דף -29.95 (5.99 לדפדפת 100 דף) 10 בלוקים 40 דף 10.90 (0.9 לדפדפת 40 דף) 5 בלוקים 100 דף קמפוס 28.99 (5.7 לדפדפת 100 דף) מארז של 10 בלוקים 40 דף 9.90
קלסר גדול ממותג 14.99 14.99, 17.99 14.90 14.99 12.90, 9.90
3 גיליונות מדבקות 7.99 4.99, 7.99 4.90, 5.90, 6.90 6.99 8.99
קלמר מתרחב קל גב ממותג 49.99 54.99 49.90 44.99 49.99
קלמר ממותג 24.99, 39.99 (טלבר פופ) 8.99-34.99 (ניקי, איסטפאק) 24.90 (אאוטדור) 39.99 29.99 (הלו קיטי)
קלמר זול 9.99 6.99 5.90 5.99
24 עפרונות צבעוניים 29.99 36.99 19.90 22.90 18.20
12 טושים זולים 1.99 10 ב-9.99 3 10 ב-5 (דו צדדיים) 2.99
טושים רחיצים 36 טושים 24.99 (היסטר) 24 טושים קריוקה 42.99 36 קריוקה דקים 19.90. עבים: 34.90 24 טושים קריוקה 34.90 48 ב-49.99
עט פיילוט 5V 4 ב-31.99 (7.99 לאחד) 6.49 7 9.90 4.99
12 עיפרון עץ ומחק 3.99 3.99 4.90 6.90 2.99
מספריים קטנים 0.8 0.5 1 2.90 1
יומן השנה ממותג כריכה קשה 39.99, 56.59 32.99, 49.90 34.90, 39.90 34.99, 39.99 , 43.9949.99
יומן כריכה רכה ממותג 14.99 29.99 29.99, 39.90 19.99 20.99
עטיפת ספרים ממותגת 9.99 10.99 8.90 (היו רק לא ממותגות ב-2 שקלים) 9.99
דבק סטיק קטן UHU 3.29 3.29 3 ב-9.90 8.90 (הגדול) 4.8
מחק 10 ב-1.5, 4 ב-2 10 ב-2.89 10 ב-4.90 0.5 0.5
מחדד 2 ב-0.55 0.65 3 מחדדי מתכת ב-2 (1.5 למחדד) 3 מחדדים ב-1 (0.33 למחדד) 1

12 צבעי פנדה

10.99 13.99 11.90 16.99

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