couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Plague bags

For the little kids, these bags are a lot of fun, both in the making and in the using during the meal.  There are lots of ideas for what to use- these are our favorites.  Each child makes their own (older kids) or make them yourselves for the younger ones.  Have them look in the bag for each item as it relates to the plague you call out.


  1.  דםplastic mini wine bottle, 1/2 water, few drops red food coloring, 1/2 clear mineral oil
  2.  צפרדע– green Bristol paper, directions for origami jumping frogs
  3.  כינים- hair clips, paper to draw lice, markers, tape
  4.  דבר– cows-sick (plastelina, drawn, stuffed)
  5.  ערוב-wild animals (masks, puppets)
  6.  שחין– boils-stickers
  7.  ברד-ping pong balls, silver or gold pens to color
  8.  ארבה-locusts- bugs
  9.  חושך– black cloth to cover eyes, sunglasses
  10. מכת בכורות- baby people

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