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Costco products in Osher Ad- official update

A recent article from Globes brings good news for Costco lovers- Kirkland brand products are here to stay!

The store decided to import a well-known generic brand instead of creating their own.  They are currently selling five items on a trial basis (toilet paper, fake Splenda, paper towels and trash bags in two sizes) and plan to bring in everything from “contact lens solution to clothing”.

If you are happy to have Kirkland products in Israel, it wouldn’t hurt to let Osher Ad know- on their Facebook page or in one of their stores.

To read about my previous blog post, click here.



Costco comes to Osher Ad Petach Tikva

Missing Costco?  Then go over to Osher Ad in Petach Tikvah and get pick up some of these Kirkland products.

בן ציון גליס 30 , פתח תקוה  טלפון :  03-6129434

Let us know if you see them in other branches!  Click here for a list of other branches.

**Update from Facebook readers- they have also been spotted in Osher Ad in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh***

hat tip and pictures: Sabrina Greenberg Chalom

Flavored sweetener samples from Sucrazit

Sucrazit has come out with flavored sweetener based on sucralose (Splenda) instead of it’s traditional saccharin.

Sign up here on their web site and they will send you samples.


New Superpharm coupons

These are samples- Click here to print coupons with bar codes.

and more!

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